Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 570: Do not insult her

Chapter 570: Do not insult her

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At this moment, Ye Wanwan's expression was frosty. "Xu Yi, can someone like this even join the Dark Team? Isn't it against the rules to use a method like this?"

Xu Yi shook his head. "Although that should be the case, the rules only state that firearms and sneak attacks aren't allowed during the fight..."

There was a resounding thump of a body being slammed in the ring as Eleven fell to the side of the ring after receiving a punch.

Yuan Sheng laughed and walked over as he stomped on Eleven's face. "Admit defeat yet, great head captain?"

Eleven propped himself up with his arms and staggered as he got up once again. His sweat blurred his vision and everything in front of him was hazy.

"You're really courting death!" Yuan Sheng sneered. In the next second, there was a swishing sound. His fingers were like a sharp claw as they sped rapidly towards the head captain ring around Eleven's finger...

"Ah ah ah——" Eleven cried out then there was the sound of bones being crushed.

"Click." The silver ring landed on the marble surface in the arena, producing a clear sound.


"Captain Eleven!"

"Yuan Sheng! That bastard!"

The members of Dark Team 1 were so mad that their eyes were red, but because of the rules, they weren't able to interfere.

As for the other bodyguards, they were indifferent. Eleven was weak, so he couldn't blame anyone for this. Even if he died in the ring, he could only blame his own weakness.

Yuan Sheng bent down, picked up the ring and looked at Eleven with complete disdain and ridicule. "Tsk tsk, a useless scoundrel indeed. You can't even keep the ring on, yet you're still thinking of being the head captain?"

Due to the mental distress and excruciating pain in his body, Eleven's body already reached its limit, but he was still unwilling to back down, unwilling to give up.

Yuan Sheng put the ring on his own finger casually and said condescendingly, "Ay, head captain, what's wrong? Weren't you full of confidence before the competition? You even said you have a formidable teacher and can defeat all of us, huh? Haha, in the end, this is the rubbish that woman produced! What a great show!"

Lying on the ground and almost at his last breath, Eleven dug his nails into his palms and used all of his strength to get up. He stammered, "Shut... up... you... can... insult me... I'm not a good student... and this has nothing to do with anyone else... you're not allowed to insult my teacher... trash like you... my teacher... can defeat you with just one hand..."

"Ha... hahaha... what a joke! Did you guys hear that? Our head captain said the great teacher who taught him how to fight like a girl can defeat me with just one hand. I'm so scared! Why don't you bring her up here then!"

Below the ring, everyone laughed loudly. What Eleven said was really hilarious - did he lose his head after spending all that time with that woman?

"Tsk tsk, it's over, head captain..." There was a cold and murderous look in Yuan Sheng's eyes and his fist pounded Eleven's chest like he was a punching bag.

At this moment, Eleven was wide open and had no energy to retaliate at all...

In the next second, the audience witnessed a flash before their eyes as something appeared abruptly in the ring.

Following that, there was a loud "pow" that caused everyone to feel their blood run cold.

That was... the sound of two fists clashing together.

When his fist knocked into that delicate little fist, Yuan Sheng's entire being retreated many steps and the smug look on his face froze...

Ye Wanwan's slender body stood in the ring. Not moving an inch, she looked at the man who had begged for her to step up. Her eyes had no warmth at all and her cherry lips spat out three icy-cold words: "As you wish."

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