Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 579: Can't run away from meeting the parents

Chapter 579: Can't run away from meeting the parents

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Although this was just a small change, it gave her a sense of satisfaction.

In her previous life in that inharmonious world, she lost herself and everyone denied everything she did. It was as if she was useless scum who had to do the bidding of other people - it was awful...

Previously, she didn't have a choice and was forced to trudge ahead by fate, but right now, she suddenly felt so different.


Staying by Si Ye Han's side might not be as scary as I thought...

"Miss Wanwan, don't break your promise, okay!" Everyone cheered with excitement.

After that, someone suggested, "Let's go get some drinks to celebrate!"

"Hahaha, sure! Tonight, we have to drink till we're drunk!"

Little Stutterer skipped over to Ye Wanwan and invited her along: "Ttt-teacher... you... cc-come along... and drink too..."

Ye Wanwan asked, "Drink?"

The second they heard Little Stutterer and Ye Wanwan's conversation, everyone turned dead silent and the lively mood instantly froze.

Three seconds later, a couple bulky men pulled Little Stutterer to the corner. "Who said we're going to drink?! Head captain, don't talk nonsense!"

"You... yyy-you guys... just... just said it..." Little Stutterer said.

"No! We didn't! We're clearly going to diligently practice right now!" A certain bodyguard corrected him self-righteously.

"Right, you heard us wrong!" The others chimed in.

Damn! Letting Miss Wanwan drink - is he asking for a beating?

That wouldn't be a celebration - that'd be hell, alright?

Is our newly-appointed head captain a little brainless?

We were almost beaten to death that time; why would you make a suggestion like that?!

The bodyguards trembled as they looked in Ye Wanwan's direction. "Miss Wanwan... we're going for practice right now! You should head back early to rest!"

"Right right right, as if we're going to drink! After watching Miss Wanwan's amazing fight, we can't possibly still have the nerve to drink, right? Practice, practice! Let's go!"

The group of people quickly dragged Little Stutterer and ran away the moment they were done talking. Even the injured Eleven was unusually agile...

"Uh..." Ye Wanwan stood there and didn't even have a chance to speak. "Hey... hey..."

What the...

Why did they get so scared when I was invited to drink?

I wasn't planning on going anyway - I have a date tonight!

Ye Wanwan didn't bother with those strange guys. She cheerfully headed back and got changed.

In the blink of an eye, half the time dedicated to curing Si Ye Han she agreed upon with the Si family's elders had passed.

During this period, Si Ye Han's condition varied - it was sometimes good and sometimes bad. But Ye Wanwan was still worried and didn't dare to let her guard down.

Also, there was another issue that was a bigger headache...

Previously, to convince her parents that she had really gotten over Gu Yue Ze, she told them she had a boyfriend.

In order to put them at ease, she lied and said her boyfriend was very ugly and extremely ordinary.

Now, her parents asked about her relationship every few days and dropped hints that they wanted to meet him soon. They even said they wouldn't mind if he was ugly. Ye Wanwan was simply on the verge of breaking down...

Even though Si Ye Han already agreed to it, the prospect of him meeting her parents was quite unpleasant and with his current condition, she didn't dare to provoke him!

Ye Wanwan was in the middle of picking out her outfit while having a big headache over this dilemma when suddenly, her phone rang.

Ye Wanwan trembled when she saw the caller ID...

I'm dead. Speak of the devil - mom is calling...

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