Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 567: I would like to challenge you

Chapter 567: I would like to challenge you

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The individual Dark Teams were united, just the way Dark Team 1 was.

But between the various teams, they would never be united as one.

"If all the Dark Teams unite, they'll... be banished from the Si family forever!" A cold light flashed in Xu Yi's eyes.

Xu Yi was very clear about such checks and balances - if they lost this balance, it would be a ticking time bomb for the Si family.

At this moment, a thunderous applause resounded as Liu Ying went up on stage. After winning the challenge, he could now be Dark Team 4's leader.

The previous leader's face was gloomy as he glared at Liu Ying, who was standing in the ring with both his fists balled up.

There were so many other team leaders he could challenge, but he chose me!

"Tsk tsk... captain Liu Ying's strength is indeed amazing. I'm impressed..." Seeing Liu Ying's eyes on him, the leader of Dark Team 4 shot him daggers with his eyes and forced a smile.

"Captain Liu Ying is the leader of Dark Team 4 now; he is now entitled to challenge head captain Eleven!" Someone exclaimed below the ring.

Hearing that, Liu Ying turned to Eleven.

"Hang on." Suddenly, Yuan Sheng stepped up.

"What?" Liu Ying looked at Yuan Sheng.

"I would like to challenge Liu Ying." Yuan Sheng spoke indifferently.

"What did you say?" Liu Ying narrowed his eyes.

"I said, I would like to challenge you." Yuan Sheng scoffed.

Liu Ying hadn't expected that his own confidante would actually challenge him...

"Liu Ying, I've been practicing with Miss Ruo Xi for quite some time and believe that my skills have overtaken yours. Can't I challenge you and take over your place, huh? This is also what Miss Ruo Xi wants," Yuan Sheng said coldly.

"What Miss Ruo Xi wants?"

Liu Ying scowled. "Yuan Sheng, your wings have hardened and this is what you want. Do you think I would believe you when you say that this is what Miss Ruo Xi wants?"

"Tsk... it doesn't matter. This is how the Dark Teams in the Si family work - the strongest have the most power," Yuan Sheng said.

"I think you're just courting death!"

Liu Ying glared at him icily and his body moved swiftly. His fist turned into an open palm and he used it as a knife as he aimed for Yuan Sheng.

"That's all you got?" Yuan Sheng's reaction was faster - his body shifted slightly and he dodged Liu Ying's hand then he landed a punch on Liu Ying's stomach.

Liu Ying's face changed and he retreated a couple of steps back.

"My turn!" Yuan Sheng sneered and pressed him hard with each step, attacking at random.

Yuan Sheng's speed and strength was almost a perfect combination. His footwork was unusually quick and in just half a minute, Liu Ying was already retreating one step after another.

Yuan Sheng actually improved so much...

Liu Ying was shocked.

"Liu Ying, this is enough to prove that I'm stronger than you... so the one who's going to challenge Eleven and become the head captain is me!" Yuan Sheng looked at Liu Ying disapprovingly.

After a hundred strikes, the distracted Liu Ying was pressed by Yuan Sheng tightly and finally revealed many weaknesses. Yuan Sheng found the right timing and pushed Liu Ying outside the ring with just one palm.

"This is impossible!" Liu Ying closed his eyes in complete disbelief.

I was actually defeated... defeated by Yuan Sheng... how could I be defeated...?!

"Liu Ying, you've been hogging this head captain post of yours for quite some time; it's time for a change. The Dark Teams of the Si family don't need to enter a rut, understand?" Yuan Sheng looked at Liu Ying coldly.

"You!' Liu Ying gritted his teeth and his whole face nearly contorted.

This Yuan Sheng was just a dog by my side, I haven't even fought Eleven but already lost to him. Darn it...

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