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Chapter 566: Checks and balances

Chapter 566: Checks and balances

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In the audience, Ye Wanwan looked at Xu Yi and said, "Xu Yi."

Xu Yi walked over to Ye Wanwan and smiled. "Miss Wanwan."

"This selection of leaders is decided based on their combat skills alone?" Ye Wanwan was a little curious.

It seemed a little sloppy to decide the team leaders and head captain solely on this.

"Miss Wanwan, this is indeed the case. The rules have been like this for the competition every year and they were established by the master previously," Xu Yi explained.

"Ah-Jiu established this?" A hint of surprise surfaced in Ye Wanwan's eyes.

"Shouldn't the selection criteria also include overall strength such as leadership skills... general consensus... the degree of loyalty et cetera?" Ye Wanwan voiced out her opinion.

Hearing what Ye Wanwan said, Xu Yi smiled and his gaze swept across the bodyguards as he spoke softly, "Miss Wanwan, look at these bodyguards. The strength of each and every one of them is much stronger than any ordinary person... as a member of the Dark Team, most of them were once runaways who had their lives on the line..."

"What do you mean?" Ye Wanwan didn't understand.

"Miss Wanwan, do you think the different teams get along well?" Xu Yi asked.

"Doesn't seem like it," Ye Wanwan answered truthfully.

"That's only natural." Xu Yi said, "This is where master's brilliant - the Dark Team is controlled remotely by the Si family. Any current situations and commands are all handled by the higher-ups; they only have to act accordingly. The most important thing, as Miss Wanwan mentioned just now, is loyalty."

Xu Yi thought for a moment and continued, "Aside from a few missions from the Si family, the Dark Team also has to uphold the safety of the Si family. There are almost 1000 members in the Dark Team and if every member works together and there is one person who wants to rebel, they would all rebel together at once... what would it mean for the Si family then..."

Ye Wanwan knitted her brows. She hadn't considered that before.

"So, master established that they have to compete with their combat skills for the post of captain and team leader so that by doing so, there would be competition between the various bodyguards and they wouldn't unite as one, including Liu Ying. When he was the head captain in the past, the team leaders and members bowed to him on the surface but secretly, who didn't wish to defeat him?" The corners of Xu Yi's mouth lifted upwards. "The bodyguards must never unite and this is the master's golden technique - when there's competition, there will be checks and balances and when there are checks and balances... then we can truly control the guards."

"Actually, many of them are like Eleven and Feng Xuan Yi - they all want to climb upwards. But Eleven and Feng Xuan Yi are different in that they dared to speak up while most bodyguards and team leaders didn't seem interested in competing on the surface but they knew very well what they're thinking in their hearts."

Ye Wanwan took a moment to understand the rationale behind it.

Even if Eleven obtained the position of head captain today, there would be more people who would want to defeat Eleven in the future.

And all Eleven could do was keep training himself in order to handle those future challenges.

So who would have the mind to rebel if a person had to worry about all that?

This trick was indeed the so-called golden technique which was why Si Ye Han's personnel never had any major riots...

Ye Wanwan approved of Si Ye Han's thought process completely.

After all, there were thousands of bodyguards and if they were bribed to rebel and hurt the Si family, the outcome would be catastrophic.

However, because of this contesting rule that Si Ye Han created, they would never unite.

Even if the head captain was bribed and wanted to rebel, there would still be the various team leaders who had their own plans...

So this was something that would never happen.

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