Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 565: I don't hit women

Chapter 565: I don't hit women

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Everyone was shocked that Little Stutterer defeated the leader of Dark Team 3.

"Little Stutterer is amazing!"

"What Little Stutterer - it's Feng Xuan Yi, leader Feng!" Little Stutterer said sternly.

"Right right right... it's Feng Xuan Yi, leader Feng!"

At this moment, the members of Dark Team 1 started echoing him.

When Little Stutterer was in Dark Team 1, although his skills weren't too bad, he was mediocre compared to all the other bodyguards. Because of his stutter, he was always made fun of and bullied. After defeating the leader of Dark Team 3 in today's fight, it allowed him to prove himself.

"Feng Xuan Yi won the challenge and will be replacing the leader of Dark Team 3 for the time being while the original leader of Dark Team 3 will be demoted to an ordinary bodyguard and can continue the challenge. If he defeats Feng Xuan Yi, he'll win his post back."

Xu Yi walked up to the ring and announced the outcome of the fight.

Although Little Stutterer was the winner for this fight and took over the leadership post, it was only temporary until the end of the challenge.

"I'll challenge him!"

At that moment, a girl from Dark Team 2 went up.

The girl was dressed in a tight black shirt and had a long ponytail. She carried herself confidently and was very energetic.

"I... I... I don't hit... ddd-don't hit... wom... wom...women!"

Little Stutterer stared at the girl in the ring.

"You, Little Stutterer, seem like you have some abilities. Little missy here would like to have a taste of it," the female bodyguard said.

Hearing that, Little Stutterer furrowed his brows. "I sss-said... said... said... call... call me... Feng Xuan Yi!"

"Defeat me and I won't call you Little Stutterer." The girl laughed.

"I don't hit... don't hit women..." Little Stutterer pondered for a second before repeating himself.

"Hng, I think you're simply looking down on me. I'll make sure you regret it!" The girl was slightly angry. A shiny dagger flickered in her right palm and she immediately took a step forward, swinging it towards Little Stutterer.

In a fraction of a second, Little Stutterer's right leg swept horizontally like a dragon with tremendous force.


This kick landed right at the web between her thumb and forefinger where she was holding the dagger.

The girl was in deep pain. Her dagger fell out of her hands and she retreated many steps back.

"Yyy-you... you should... admit defeat..." Little Stutterer said.

"Tsk, you wish! This is only the beginning!" The girl charged towards Little Stutterer once more.

However, when she reached Little Stutterer's side, she was lifted up by him.

"You... what are you doing?!" The girl blushed and berated him.

Little Stutterer didn't care and carried her to the side of the ring.

"Put me down!" The girl bellowed.

"Rrright... right away..." Little Stutterer said.

In the next second, Little Stutterer reached the side of the ring, released both arms and threw the girl outside the ring.

"Out of boundary. Feng Xuan Yi wins." Xu Yi announced.

At this moment, all the bodyguards burst out in laughter - this was a rare scene in a fight.

"Haha, he said he wouldn't hit a woman and he really didn't. Leader Feng really has some antics, huh. He actually threw her directly outside the ring - this is my first time seeing something like this..."

"This is an eye-opener..."

Some of the team leaders started cracking harmless jokes.

After that, many talented bodyguards from Dark Team 3 were upset and went up on stage to challenge him as well, but all of them were thrown out of the ring by Little Stutterer.

From that moment on, nobody was interested in challenging Little Stutterer and the stronger bodyguards had their eyes on the post of head captain, so they didn't bother fighting with Little Stutterer.

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