Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 564: Hit me

Chapter 564: Hit me

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Although he was unhappy, the leader of Dark Team 3 didn't say much.

"You deserve to be praised for your courage." The leader of Dark Team 3 nodded then beckoned Little Stutterer with his finger. "Come at me then."

"You... yyy-you... you... you attack first..." Little Stutterer said.

Little Stutterer had Ye Wanwan as his teacher but none of the bodyguards knew this, so they definitely wouldn't know that Little Stutterer learned how to counterattack from Ye Wanwan and wasn't very good at attacking first.

"Tsk tsk." The leader of Dark Team 3 sneered. "As the leader of Dark Team 3, obviously I have to let you attack first. Otherwise, people might call me a bully."

"Ccc... cut... cut..." Little Stutterer pointed at the leader of Dark Team 3, "the... crap... I'm letting... yyy-you attack... so come... ccc-come hit me... if... you dare!"

Little Stutterer's tone was very provocative - almost identical to Ye Wanwan's.

Following what Little Stutterer said, all the bodyguards were taken aback.

Where did this guy come from? He has the guts to talk to the leader of Dark Team 3 like this? If he's defeated, how is he going to continue being a bodyguard on a Dark Team?

"You're courting death!"

The leader of Dark Team 3 was furious.

There were thousands of Dark Team bodyguards in the Si family, but none of the team leaders even spoke to him this way.

Yet this little nobody from Dark Team 1 actually mocked him like that!


In no time, the leader of Dark Team 3 was akin to a moving hill as he charged towards Little Stutterer. He was able to travel to Little Stutter's side with just a few steps.

"Get lost!" The leader of Dark Team 3 grabbed Little Stutterer by his collar with his wide palm and looked as if he was about to throw him out of the ring.

However, in the next second, the leader's face changed slightly.

Little Stutterer raised his right arm slightly. He used his palm instead of his fist and his arm was like a wary snake while his palm was similar to the tongue of a snake. Using an extremely tricky and weird angle, he instantly attacked the leader of Dark Team 3 then without reducing his level of strength, he smacked him with his palm with lightning speed.

This smack from Little Stutterer wasn't the result of careful consideration; it was almost instinctive. Since this was the case, the speed was even faster, resulting in the Dark Team 3 leader not having any time to react much less counterattack.

His attacks were rising like the waves and he didn't stop - it was like an endless wave.

The leader of Dark Team 3 didn't seem to understand what just happened and was hit in the jaw by Little Stutterer.

Under everyone's astonished gazes, the leader of Dark Team 3 flew like a cannon and slammed to the ground outside the ring, landing among the crowd.

After a long silence, there was an uproar.

"Wow... where did that guy come from?!"

"He defeated the leader of Dark Team 3 with just one attack??"

"Where did this expert appear from? I haven't heard of him before!"

"What's his name..."

At this moment, the leader of Dark Team 3 looked at Little Stutterer with slight fear and panic.

He never thought he would be defeated in such an embarrassing way. It didn't make any sense...

The leader of Dark Team 3 didn't know what happened; that fella's reaction was oddly quick and the speed of his attack was so terrifyingly swift...

"How... how was... it... I told you... to cut... cut... the crap... now... you know... know... ttt-that... I'm the... ex... expert... huh..." Little Stutterer looked at the leader of Dark Team 3 who was below the ring.

"Brother Stutterer, you're amazing!"

A few bodyguards exclaimed in surprise.

"Ddd... don't... call me... Stutter... re... rrr-remember... my name... is... Feng Xuan Yi!" Little Stutterer corrected them.

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