Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 563: Challenge

Chapter 563: Challenge

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From the spectator seats, Ye Wanwan glanced at Eleven from time to time and knitted her brows.

Ye Wanwan had been interacting a lot with Eleven lately and found that he had a lot on his mind. He showed signs of low confidence which recklessly appeared between his brows.

Ye Wanwan did mention it occasionally but Eleven was always silent about it and didn't comment.

At this moment, Eleven had his fists balled up and the light in his eyes was flashing non-stop.

In the past, although he wanted to be the head captain, he wasn't persistent about pursuing it.

"Can I... really..." Eleven clenched his fists tighter.

A while later, Qin Ruo Xi walked over slowly while Yuan Sheng followed behind her.

"Miss Ruo Xi, why are you here?" Liu Ying stepped forward when he saw her.

Qin Ruo Xi smiled calmly and said, "To support you guys."

A tinge of gratefulness appeared in Liu Ying's eyes. "Miss Ruo Xi, there won't be any accidents during this year's competition."

Hearing that, Qin Ruo Xi nodded and exchanged a few words with Yuan Sheng before walking towards the spectator seats.

"Hehe... captain Liu Ying, we have to trouble you to teach Eleven a lesson, huh." After Qin Ruo Xi left, Yuan Sheng turned to Liu Ying and chuckled.

At the moment, Liu Ying didn't have much to say.

"Before the start of the competition, I'll go through the rules once." Xu Yi scanned the entire area and said, "Every bodyguard from the Si family is entitled to take part and fight for the position of team leader. After successfully advancing to a team leader position, you can challenge the head captain, Eleven. You'll only have one chance and if you win, you'll replace Eleven for the time being until the end of the competition. At the end of the competition, the winner will be promoted to head captain. You can use any cold weapons in the ring but sneak attacks and the use of firearms are prohibited. Understand?"


All the Dark Team bodyguards responded in unison.

"Good." Xu Yi nodded and turned to the few higher-ups in the Si family. "Is there anything you would like to add?"

"No, thank you." A certain higher-up replied.

"Okay, since this is the case, the competition starts now." Xu Yi nodded then walked out of the ring.

After Xu Yi left, the bodyguards didn't make a sound.

In the rules, any bodyguards from the Dark Teams were allowed to join in the challenge but having said that, there weren't many interested in joining.

Each team leader's strength was not to be underestimated and it was very difficult to beat them.

The chances of winning were very slim and if you failed, it was equivalent to offending the team leader and he might settle scores with you after the challenge. It was quite an ordeal to have someone make your life difficult every day.

"You're not bad - why don't you try to challenge the leader of Dark Team 4?" A certain bodyguard turned to the young woman next to him and whispered.

The woman shook her head fervently. "I'm not going to do that for sure. The leader of Dark Team 4 is known to be ruthless and if I fail, he will definitely hold a grudge against me, saying that I'm trying to snatch his post... if he takes revenge, I won't be able to..."

"I... I... I'll do it!"

All of a sudden, Little Stutterer walked up to the ring and pointed at the leader of Dark Team 3. "I... I... I would... lll-like... to challenge... the... leader of... of Dark Team... Ttt-team 3!"

Seeing this, all the bodyguards were stunned.

This guy can't even speak properly and is a nobody, but he actually dared to challenge the leader of Dark Team 3?

The strong and buff leader of Dark Team 3 stood up slowly and walked into the ring casually as he gave Little Stutterer side-eye.

"You want to challenge me?" The leader of Dark Team 3 scoffed.

"Yyy-yes... yes... yes... you're... you're right!" Little Stutterer nodded.

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