Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 562: Extremely strong

Chapter 562: Extremely strong

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Liu Ying looked at Eleven who was seated nearby and strode over with his lips curved upwards slightly. "Eleven, perform well during this competition. Don't let the big guy down."

Hearing this, Eleven responded, "It seems like there's nobody who wants me to get the post of head captain, huh?"

"That may not be true - I believe Miss Ye Wanwan wishes you have some sort of breakthrough. I heard you have Miss Wanwan as your teacher." Liu Ying's eyes glistened and looked indifferently towards Ye Wanwan who was seated among the audience.

"That's right," Eleven admitted it fully. "Teacher is extremely strong; too bad I was only able to learn a bit from her, but even the bit of knowledge she taught me should be enough for the competition."

"Extremely strong?"

The corners of Liu Ying's lips lifted up, revealing a subtle look of ridicule while a tinge of contempt appeared in his eyes.

That night at the bar, if it wasn't for master's sake, he would've taken that woman's life with just his fingers.

However, Eleven actually used the words "extremely powerful" to describe Ye Wanwan...

"Eleven..." Liu Ying raised his right arm and placed it gently around Eleven's left shoulder as he spoke with utmost sincerity: "It's not a bad thing if you wish to improve, continue climbing upwards and obtain higher positions... but the position and your own abilities should match. The most important thing is, as Junior said - you must know your own abilities. It's no use to turn to any old doctor you can find if you're terminally ill [1]."

Hearing what Liu Ying said, Eleven knitted his brows. It was that Liu Ying insulted him but what he said was filled with insults towards his teacher and he didn't even try to be subtle with it!

"Liu... Liu... Liu Ying... I... Ele... Ele... Captain Ele... Captain Eleven... will... beat you... for... sure...!" The Little Stutterer, who was standing next to Liu Ying, spoke up.

"Tsk..." Liu Ying scoffed. "I really wanted to learn some impressive-looking but useless moves from Eleven. It's just that... he might not be able to last till I get in the ring."

Liu Ying shook his head and left immediately after speaking.

After Liu Ying left, the members of Dark Team 1 had their fists clenched tightly.

Among all the Dark Teams, Dark Team 1 wasn't as weak as the others thought.

However, each time they were on a mission, the head captain simply ignored them, almost like they didn't exist at all.

It wasn't until Eleven became the temporary head captain that their missions became better gradually. Each one of their missions was executed perfectly, they were very efficient and not inferior to any of the other teams at all.

Today, Liu Ying was no longer the head captain, yet he was still arrogant and tyrannical, completely overlooking head captain Eleven.

"Captain, you must let them see the strength of Dark Team 1!"

"That's right! The other Dark Teams always look at our Dark Team 1 through tinted glasses! [2] We're just as effective as the other teams in completing our missions and captain Eleven is just as skilled as Liu Ying!"

"I think captain Eleven's a better leader than Liu Ying. Look at our team - we were always looked down on, so we must let them know who the strongest Dark Team is!"

At this moment, the members of Dark Team 1 were feeling indignant at this injustice.

"Captain, you must get the post of head captain!" A certain member of Dark Team 1 gritted his teeth.

Hearing that, Eleven responded, "I'll do my best."

If it was three months ago, Eleven wouldn't have so much confidence for sure.

But things were different now.

"After undergoing such high-intensity training... maybe... I can do it..." Eleven's eyes lit up slightly.

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