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Chapter 561: Head captain assessment

Chapter 561: Head captain assessment

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Early in the morning at the Si family's competition grounds:

Aside from a couple of higher-ups from the Si family, Xu Yi was also there early.

Each time they had the Dark Team bodyguard competition, Xu Yi would be the judge and because of the change in the head captain, Liu Ying and many higher-ups from the Si family would also be judges along with Xu Yi.

At this moment, the competition grounds were filled with people. Other than the bodyguards who were in the middle of their missions and couldn't make it, the other bodyguards were all present.

Not long after, Eleven along with the members of Dark Team 1 and arrived at the scene.

Seeing the arrival of Eleven and the others, many leaders, who were supporters of Liu Ying, curled their lips into sinister smiles especially after they saw Ye Wanwan next to Eleven. The disdain in their eyes was apparent.

"Ha... Eleven is going nuts from thinking about the post of head captain. He actually got that woman to be his teacher."

"After being in this post for some time, of course you wouldn't want it to be taken away, but his skills can't compare to others. Among all the teams, Dark Team 1 is the weakest and compared to all the other team leaders, Eleven's skills are second to Liu Ying, so how could he even dream of fighting to be the head captain?"

Seeing how Eleven was full of confidence, Dark Team 3's leader sneered. "An ignorant man is the happiest - does he really think he can be head captain over Liu Ying? One should have a better gauge of his own abilities. Otherwise, how is he any different from a buffoon?"

"That woman... aside from coaxing master, what else can she do? If it wasn't for her, head captain Liu Ying wouldn't be punished by master, letting Eleven gain an advantage."

"Tsk... should we give in to Eleven when he gets in the ring and starts giving us some girly punches...?"

"Girly punch... did he learn them from Ye Wanwan..."


Following the ridicule of some of the leaders, many bodyguards started laughing as well.

"Shut your trap!"

On the competition stage, Xu Yi's eyes were frosty as he swept his gaze across everybody present.

Hearing that, the team leaders knitted their brows and were quite upset, but they knew well enough not to speak anymore.

These bodyguards were still quite afraid of Xu Yi. Xu Yi looked really nice, but when he really got angry, even ex-head captain Liu Ying might not be able to handle him.

As the saying went: "A scholar can never win an argument with a military man even when he's right," but Xu Yi was of another species - he was the complete opposite of this.

Xu Yi deserved quite a bit of credit for his efforts in allowing them to reach their current status in the Si family as the Dark Team guards. If it wasn't for Xu Yi's planning behind the scenes for the development of the bodyguard team, they might just be ordinary guards in the Si family.

"Head captain Liu Ying!"

Not long after, the leader of Dark Team 3 shouted at Liu Ying who was making his way over.

Liu Ying arrived and spoke indifferently, "Before the end of this assessment, the head captain is still Eleven."

Hearing that, some of the leaders chuckled.

Eleven was a temporary head captain, but in their hearts, he was no different from a clown. During these past few months, nobody treated him like a real head captain.

On most days, Eleven gave them orders and most of them outwardly obeyed but secretly ignored him. Some even turned a deaf ear.

"What head captain Liu Ying meant was that at this moment, Eleven is the head captain, but after the competition, it's another discussion altogether who the head captain is." The leader of Dark Team 3 laughed.

"That's what you think; I didn't say that." Liu Ying replied plainly.

"Of course, of course." The leader of Dark Team 3 nodded.

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