Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 568: I shall let you attack first

Chapter 568: I shall let you attack first

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He, the one who vowed that he would take back the post of head captain, actually lost to his lackey right in front of everyone.

Liu Ying felt as if there was a wild beast charging and howling in his chest; all kinds of emotions were tearing him apart...

Not far off, Ye Wanwan was astonished as well.

Liu Ying actually lost.

In her previous life, she didn't have much memory of this Yuan Sheng guy and he didn't accomplish much then but in this life, he actually defeated Liu Ying...

"I want to challenge Eleven!"

At this current moment, Yuan Sheng's voice resounded in the entire area.

"Sure!" Eleven accepted the challenge. He stood up from his head captain seat and walked into the ring.

"Ddd-do do do... do your best... bb-beat... beat... beat him... to death!" Little Stutterer gave his support from his team leader seat.

"All the best, captain!"

"Let this guy know who's awesome!"

"Tsk, how is someone like him qualified to be the captain? He's just a lackey and was a dog by Liu Ying's side... yet he bit the hand that fed him."

"Exactly! If he becomes the head captain, we won't even know if he sells us out during missions."

Currently, the members of Dark Team 1 were deep in discussion.

Aside from the members of Dark Team 1, everyone else was giving their support to Yuan Sheng and trying to win favor with him. In the eyes of the bystanders, even Liu Ying was defeated by Yuan Sheng, not to mention Eleven.

This competition had unexpectedly revealed a bunch of dark horses...

"Come on. I'd like to see how formidable this head captain is." Yuan Sheng snarled and beckoned Eleven with his index finger.

"As the head captain, I shall let you attack first," Eleven said.

"Oh? Let me attack first?" Yuan Sheng smiled. In his eyes, Eleven wasn't even worth a mention.

"Hit me if you have the guts!" Eleven learned this from Little Stutterer.

"Tsk... that's a little too easy, huh?" Yuan Sheng ridiculed him then stepped forward and traveled a few meters across, reaching Eleven's side instantly.


Yuan Sheng pulled out a combination of punches.

However, Eleven stood in the same spot and didn't move at all. He used his palm as a shield and brandished it in the air.

Both their fists and palms struck one another. Yuan Sheng attacked with several moves in succession yet was unable to gain any advantage on Eleven.


Yuan Sheng retreated a few steps back. He knitted his brows and looked at Eleven strangely.

He knew Eleven's strength very well - he normally couldn't block even three moves from him. But just now, Eleven actually dismissed all his attacks with ease.

Eleven was like a flawless fortress without any blemishes on his body; he was even more like a hedgehog covered in sharp thorns - nobody could lay their hands on him at all.

"What is it? Come hit me!" Eleven yelled.

However, Yuan Sheng furrowed his brows like he just realized something. This time, he didn't attack first and said, "You come over."

"Come over if you've got the guts." Eleven beckoned.

"Head captain, why don't you attack first?!"

The two of them dragged it out like this and nobody moved even after ten minutes.

"Come on, fight..."

"F***! Are you guys fighting?! What are you doing - is this a date?"

"Damn it... I'm falling asleep, please start fighting..."

All the bodyguards were somewhat speechless. They didn't know what Eleven and Yuan Sheng were doing.

Not far off, Ye Wanwan coughed lightly and covered her face quietly. Why don't I know how to attack first and why did I only teach Eleven how to counterattack... That Yuan Sheng has obviously seen through this trick.

After some time, Xu Yi said, "Yuan Sheng, you are the challenger. If there's no clear winner within the next half an hour, it'll be taken that you've lost."

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