Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 558: He must have his reasons

Chapter 558: He must have his reasons

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While they were speaking, the door of the meeting room was pushed open lightly.

"Miss Ruo Xi!"

Upon seeing her appearance, all the leaders quickly greeted her.

Liu Ying stood up immediately. "Miss Ruo Xi, please take a seat."

"No need." Ruo Xi smiled. "How can I simply sit here? It's meant for the chairman."

Qin Ruo Xi spoke and sat down next to Liu Ying.

A grim-looking man followed behind Qin Ruo Xi. He was a close confidante of Liu Ying named Yuan Sheng, a member of the bodyguard team.

Recently, Yuan Sheng had been training alongside Qin Ruo Xi. Qin Ruo Xi and Liu Ying were currently planning to get Yuan Sheng to compete to become the leader of Dark Team 1, kicking Eleven out completely.

"Yuan Sheng, how's your training with Miss Ruo Xi?" Liu Ying looked at the grave and stern-looking man.

"Head captain, Miss Ruo Xi's highly-skilled and very effective in her teaching. For this fight, you don't need to trouble yourself, captain. I'm able to finish Eleven off myself," the grim-looking man replied then turned to Qin Ruo Xi. His face was completely filled with admiration.

Due to Liu Ying's influence, these people also treated Qin Ruo Xi as the future mistress of the Si family.

"Liu Ying, don't be discouraged either. Ah-Jiu only got Eleven to replace you temporarily in a moment of madness as a little punishment for you. Don't make such mistakes again next time. After the assessment, the post of head captain will belong to you again." Qin Ruo Xi looked at Liu Ying and assured him.

Hearing that, there was darkness in Liu Ying's eyes. "Miss Ruo Xi, I really don't understand master. Isn't it enough to have you by his side...? Why must he be head-over-heels over a flower vase?"

Qin Ruo Xi furrowed her brows instantly. "Liu Ying, don't spout nonsense. Ah-Jiu must have his reasons."

"Reasons?" Liu Ying shook his head. "In the past, master was wise and respected. All the missions taken on by our bodyguards were important and crucial, but today, he actually made us go to the bar to protect that Ye Wanwan! If not for master's sake, I wouldn't let her live for beating me up!"

Speaking up to this point, the cold glow in Liu Ying's eyes started flashing.

"Liu Ying, you talk too much," Qin Ruo Xi said.

"Miss Ruo Xi! You're just too nice!" Liu Ying couldn't let it go. "I'm speaking the truth. Who does she think she is and how can she even compete with you?! If she really becomes the mistress of the Si family, wouldn't the Si family be a complete mess?! It's because you're always so tolerant that Ye Wanwan is becoming more and more wild. Miss Ruo Xi, you should let her know who the real mistress of the Si family is and who master really cares about. Master is completely blinded by that woman. Miss Ruo Xi, you should speak up..."

"Captain Liu Ying's absolutely right. What kind of missions did we have in the past? Nevermind that a few days ago, master made captain and all of us go down to a bar to protect a woman who was drunk and crazy. She kept hurting everyone and in the end, the person who got punished was captain Liu Ying - what's the meaning of this?" the leader of Dark Team 3 chimed in.

Qin Ruo Xi frowned. "Liu Ying, you have anger inside you, so let it out during the assessment this time. Next time, don't complain so much. If Ah-Jiu hears this, even I won't be able to protect you."

"Miss Ruo Xi..."

Liu Ying wanted to say more but was waved off by Qin Ruo Xi. "I believe that Ah-Jiu has his reasons for his actions."

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