Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 557: Glow of a firefly

Chapter 557: Glow of a firefly

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Si residence, bodyguard meeting room:

Liu Ying was dressed in a full black outfit and he sat on the main seat with a rigid and stern face.

There were over ten people seated in the meeting room; they were the leaders of various Dark Teams in the Si family.

"Captain Liu Ying, the assessment will be starting in a few days' time. You must teach that proud guy a good lesson!" a certain buff leader said.


Liu Ying made himself comfortable and narrowed his eyes. "Junior, just call me Liu Ying. The head captain is Eleven."

"Captain, what are you even talking about? Eleven's not even good enough to be the leader of Dark Team 1; how could he fight for your post? He's delusional!" Junior sneered. He was the leader of Dark Team 3.

Someone next to him said, "I heard Eleven has been training very hard and rarely comes out. He's probably preparing for this assessment."

Another person chuckled. "No matter how hard he trains, he'll still be a tick in captain Liu Ying's eyes. What can he do?"

"Oh right... let me tell you guys something." The leader of Dark Team 3 laughed. "I heard that Eleven begged Ye Wanwan to be his master and asked her to teach him some martial arts skills. Are you guys scared now?"

Following what Junior said, peals of laughter instantly the entire meeting room.

"Eleven's a dumba**. If captain Liu Ying didn't restrain himself for master's sake, Ye Wanwan would've been beaten to a pulp. As if she would have a chance to reveal her power at the bar!"

When that incident at the bar was brought up, a tinge of gloominess appeared in Liu Ying's eyes.

That woman was all brute force and her skills were mediocre. I just can't understand why master, who has always been wise, would be so taken by this flower vase to the point of losing his sanity!

How could this woman be compared to Miss Qin Ruo Xi?!

"Captain Liu Ying, Eleven probably wanted to curry favor with Ye Wanwan and get her to sing praises about him in front of master... by then, if master relents... and really lets Eleven..." A certain leader frowned.

They were the Si family's bodyguards, so how could they allow a silly woman to throw them into disorder?!

"Tsk..." the corners of Liu Ying's lips lifted upwards and revealed a sinister smile. His eyes were extremely terrifying. "Ye Wanwan is simply master's toy. Miss Ruo Xi alone by master's side is enough for him. Ye Wanwan just has the glow of a firefly - how can she compete with the moon?"

He didn't believe that his master would actually disrupt the entire head captain assessment for a woman like her.

"That's true. Eleven asked Ye Wanwan to train him, probably viewing her as his life raft. He probably thinks Ye Wanwan has some martial arts skills he can learn to fight with our captain." The leader of Dark Team 3 laughed.

Liu Ying sneered. He had never cared about Eleven or Ye Wanwan.

Master almost lost his sanity because of a woman, that Ye Wanwan. What qualities or abilities does she have that makes her qualified to enter the Si family and become the mistress of the household?

"She's the future mistress of the Si family after all, you guys better be more careful," one of the leaders advised.

Liu Ying adjusted his position and his gaze swept across everyone. "The future mistress of the household can only be Miss Qin Ruo Xi."

"What captain Liu Ying is saying is: who on earth is Ye Wanwan and how can she compare to Miss Qin Ruo Xi?"

"Based on Miss Ruo Xi's family background and personal abilities, that Ye Wanwan definitely can't compete with her."

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