Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 559: Teacher is right

Chapter 559: Teacher is right

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Seeing that Qin Ruo Xi was still shielding master even when things had reached this point, the hatred for Ye Wanwan from all the bodyguards present almost rose to a climax.

"Today, the entire Dark Team 1 is taking refuge in Ye Wanwan and since this is the case, it's time that Dark Team 1 gets a thorough cleanse." Liu Ying turned to Yuan Sheng. "Yuan Sheng, you've been learning from Miss Ruo Xi for quite a while. Don't let Miss Ruo Xi and I down this time; you must become the leader of Dark Team 1."

Hearing that, Yuan Sheng nodded and scoffed. "Captain, don't worry. Eleven is useless. It'll be easy to take him down."

"Good." Liu Ying nodded then stood up and walked to the window. He looked towards the training room of Dark Team 1 and sneered. "Eleven... you really think master will take away my post as captain just for that woman, huh? Getting Ye Wanwan to be your trainer... your position as the leader of Dark Team 1 will be gone too. I'm really eager to see what that flower vase can actually teach you!"


At the same time, in Dark Team 1's training room:


*Pow* *Slap*!

Two figures flew across swiftly then were slammed to the ground.

"Teacher, let's try again!" Eleven, who was filled with bruises and a swollen face, rushed into the ring once again.

"Te... tea... teach... teacher... I... I... I would... like... to rest..." After the delicate man stood up, he stood at the side of the ring as he stuttered.

"Stop... Little Stutterer, did you say you want to rest?" Ye Wanwan wiped the stream of perspiration off her forehead.

"Yyy-yes... yes yes... teacher... you're... you're right!" The Little Stutterer nodded.

Little Stutterer wasn't his real name; it was just that when he first entered the Si family's bodyguard team, everyone started calling him Little Stutterer and nobody actually asked for his real name before.

"Little Stutterer, you should take a break." Eleven longed for one too.

For several days, other than eating and sleeping, Eleven and Little Stutter had been living in the training room and even Ye Wanwan didn't leave the room at all.

Ye Wanwan didn't mind it. At first, when she started learning about martial arts and fighting, she wasn't interested at all but after some time, her interest grew and today, if she didn't practice a few moves in a day, she would feel very uncomfortable.

She was at a point when even if Eleven and Little Stutterer wanted to take a day or half day off, Ye Wanwan wouldn't let the two of them leave.

However, during this period, Eleven and Little Stutter improved drastically - they were completely different people compared to before Ye Wanwan started training them.

"Teacher, watch my moves!"

Eleven yelled. His right arm was like an alert snake swimming in midair then he instantly bent his palm into a claw and aimed for Ye Wanwan's neck.

At this moment, Ye Wanwan was standing a distance away, not moving at all.


Seeing that his blow was going to land, Eleven was elated.

However, just as a broad smile appeared on Eleven's face, Ye Wanwan dodged to her left instinctively, causing Eleven's claw to grab only air.


Eleven was stunned.

Taking advantage of the fact that Eleven was in a daze, Ye Wanwan swept her left leg out like a dragon.



Eleven howled in pain. He was sent flying seven or eight meters away by Ye Wanwan's kick.

"Eleven, what are you doing?!" Ye Wanwan frowned and chided him.

"Teacher... I..." Eleven was somewhat embarrassed.

"I told you before - you have to focus before the assessment. Don't be affected by any emotions. Your happiness, anger, or whatever emotions you have, you have to hide them and can only release them after the assessment. Otherwise, a single mistake could cost you your life!" Ye Wanwan advised him sternly.

Actually, she was simply teaching him according to her own state of mind when she fought.

Each time she sparred with Eleven and Little Stutterer, her mind would be completely clear and because of that, she had the ability to see clearly and calmly discern the enemy's next moves and thoughts.

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