Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 554: Lost all standing and reputation

Chapter 554: Lost all standing and reputation

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Qiao Ke Xin blinked and held Ye Wanwan back by the wrist. "Little ge ge, am I right?"

Ye Wanwan didn't want to embarrass Qiao Ke Xin in front of everyone, so she coughed lightly and replied, "En."

In her previous life, she read about the Golden Orchid award ceremony online and remembered very clearly that shortly after she was done reading, the website was updated with Qi Mei Lin's scandal about her organizing a sex party and even gathering people to take drugs together.

With such a serious scandal, it completely crushed the inspirational and perfect goddess image Qi Mei Lin created for her fans.

Overhearing the conversation between these two people, Qi Mei Lin gave a disdainful look and seemed completely fearless. "Qiao Ke Xin, you're really amazing - an old cow eating fresh grass [1] huh, messing around with these young gigolos at your age! Even better - now you've been brainwashed, right? Tragedy? I really want to see what kind of tragedy I'll encounter!"

Even if she didn't get the best actress award, she was still influential. Furthermore, she had a big backing like Ye Group - was there anything she couldn't handle?

Gu Yue Ze straightened his lapels, stood up loftily and looked coldly in Ye Wanwan's direction. "I won't burden this gentleman here with artists from my company."

In retrospect, Ye Wanwan felt so foolish that she wanted to kill herself when she recalled the time she was so madly in love with Gu Yue Ze, but it was etched in her memory after all. Each time she saw Gu Yue Ze, the anger in her body was still uncontrollable.

Faced with Gu Yue Ze's arrogant expression, Ye Wanwan smiled and said casually, "Chairman Gu, you're too polite. It will never be my turn to be burdened with chairman Gu around - Emperor Sky is such a big shot that it's fine even if you lose one or two artists."

The way Ye Wanwan smiled was even more similar to her expression the day she ridiculed him, causing Gu Yue Ze's mood to darken further.

He was about to speak but his phone started ringing with endless notifications, disrupting his train of thought.

Gu Yue Ze suppressed the fury in his heart and opened those messages.

In the end, he seemed to have read something on his phone as his face instantly changed like a storm was approaching. He shot daggers at Qi Mei Lin.

"Yue Ze, what is it?" Ye Yiyi asked worriedly.

Qi Mei Lin probed carefully as well, "Chairman Gu, did something happen?"

The way Gu Yue Ze glared at her with such iciness and gloominess gave her an inexplicable sense of unease.

It couldn't be that... all those things were leaked, right!

It can't be. I was so careful and secretive each time...

However, in the next second, the furious Gu Yue Ze threw his phone directly at Qi Mei Lin's face.


Qi Mei Lin cried out in pain then picked the phone up, trembling.

When she saw the first photo on the phone, Qi Mei Lin's face turned aghast.

It was actually a disgusting photo of her with a bunch of guys!

However, this was only the beginning. There were even clearer images taken of her abusing drugs...

Qi Mei Lin's delicate face was completely pale. She panicked and her fingers started shaking. "Gu... chairman Gu, please save me! Director Ye, save me!"

Almost at the same time Qi Mei Lin pleaded for help, alarmed gasps resounded around them.

"Aiyo, damn! Quick, look! Big news!"

"The person in the photo is... the goddess worshipped by many fans - Qi Mei Lin!"

"Orgy party and taking drugs! This is explosive!"


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