Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 555: Amazing Little ge ge

Chapter 555: Amazing Little ge ge

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Qiao Ke Xin and Han Xian Yu looked at each other in confusion.

"What happened?"

The two of them and the surrounding people who hadn't gotten a clue what was going on quickly whipped out their phones and checked. After they found out what happened, their faces were in astonishment as well.

Ye Wanwan stood there quietly without any expression.

Qi Mei Lin pleaded like an insane woman, "Director Ye, quickly get someone to delete those pics..."

Ye Yiyi's face was gloomy. "It's too late..."

These things spread too rapidly and since everyone's attention was currently on the Golden Orchid award ceremony, Qi Mei Lin's scandal exploded instantly once the ceremony was over.

As expected, she saw that "Qi Mei Lin's orgy party," "Qi Mei Lin on drugs" and many other keywords were increasing in popularity once she opened various popular websites and blogs.

What was worse was that Qi Mei Lin wasn't the only one at that party - there were also a number of artists from Emperor Sky present and now the commenters gradually questioned whether all of Emperor Sky Entertainment was an obscene drug den.

Everybody in the ballroom slowly found out about this gossip and whispered to one another as they looked in Qi Mei Lin's direction.

"I always thought Qiao Ke Xin was the one who had a messy personal life and really didn't expect that after Qiao Ke Xin received the Golden Orchid Best Actress award, it would be Qi Mei Lin who's so messed up!"

"What's so surprising about that! It's like that in the entertainment industry - you can't really differentiate between what's real or fake. You're too naive to believe in whatever you see on the surface!"

"There were already scandals about Qi Mei Lin's wild side before, alright? I heard that the senior management of Emperor Sky already warned her not to go overboard and gave quite a sum of money to PR so nothing major happened in the past. Too bad she wants to court death, huh!"

"It's definitely over for her this time. Emperor Sky's money went down the drain and she even dragged a group of artists down with her! Ever since the change of management in Ye Group, things have really become messier. Tsk tsk..."

Qi Mei Lin felt those prickly gazes were like thorns of fire. When she thought about how her status in the industry would be destroyed, her face was filled with fear. "Chairman Gu, director Ye, you guys have to help me! Quickly, get PR to delete all those pics! DELETE THEM!"

"Shut up!" Gu Yue Ze berated her coldly.

With a scandal like this, PR would be no use.

The news spread already; anybody could store the pictures privately, so there was no point in trying to delete them. Mixing with bad company already ruined her image and reputation, but taking drugs would be enough to wreck any artist's career in the industry.

It was completely over for Qi Mei Lin.

They spent so much resources and energy on her, but everything was wasted now. Not only that, but they still had to pay large sums to various major endorsement and advertising companies.

When Ye Yiyi heard someone saying: "Ever since the change of management in the Ye Group, things have really become messier," fury burned within her as it hit her right in her sore spot. She chided softly, "Alright, stop talking about it here. Let's get out already, haven't you embarrassed yourself enough?"

The group of people avoided the crowd and swarm of reporters as they hurriedly left the ballroom.

Before they left, Gu Yue Ze's dark and icy gaze paused on Ye Wanwan for a split second.

Ye Wanwan returned a smile in a casual and relaxed manner, feeling extremely satisfied for her successful provocation.

Gu Yue Ze's eyes constricted abruptly. He wasn't sure why, but this man gave him a very bad feeling...

It was as if he'd seen a ghost - everything that shouldn't have happened actually happened according to this man's predictions, making him feel even more troubled when he recalled what this man said earlier on that "his fortune might not be that prosperous."

As for Qiao Ke Xin and Han Xian Yu, they witnessed once again how Ye Wanwan's predictions came true and were in a daze...

"That... that worked? You're amazing, little ge ge. Don't tell me... you really know how to read people's fortunes?"

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