Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 553: I'm afraid you'll die before I do

Chapter 553: I'm afraid you'll die before I do

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Qiao Ke Xin walked up on stage in a red evening gown, radiating a glow from inside.

The host quickly allowed Qiao Ke Xin to give her speech according to the program. "This outcome is truly surprising! Ke Xin, sorry for saying this, but you also knew that among all the nominees, you didn't have a very high chance of winning! Do you have anything to say about winning the award this time?"

Qiao Ke Xin's gaze swept across the audience. She took a deep breath and said, "I'm also really surprised with this outcome. Truth be told, just a few seconds ago, I was struggling inside - I was wondering whether I should simply give up. Anyway, I'm not normally recognized for anything I do, as if the insults I receive are the truth."

To the public, Qiao Ke Xin seemed to shrug off all the insults, but truthfully, she disliked being dismissed by everyone. After all, everybody likes to receive compliments and recognition.

Qiao Ke Xin revealed a hint of bitter helplessness and continued, "Everybody knows that in this industry, words can muddle the truth and determine the life or death of an artist."

"I thought that since being insulted was also a form of publicity, I'd just continue earning my money - why bother improving my acting skills and why should I prove myself?"

Qiao Ke Xin's speech made everyone go silent. They all knew she was right, but in the entertainment industry, only Qiao Ke Xin would dare to say something like this in public.

Qiao Ke Xin continued and her eyes seemed slightly emotional. "So I'm very grateful - grateful that there's an award like the Golden Orchid that isn't influenced by public opinion and external factors, giving me a chance to prove myself."

"At the same time, I also sincerely hope that everyone will take a look at this work from an objective perspective and see who I really am."

When Qiao Ke Xin said her piece, she received a burst of applause and approval.

Han Xian Yu also heaved a sigh of relief. Thankfully, Qiao Ke Xin managed to be tactful with her words and even concluded it pretty well.

Ye Wanwan knew that in her previous life, this speech actually pulled a terrifying amount of box office interest for "Legend of the Quiet Girl" and broke the box office record for that year.

Next, Qiao Ke Xin followed the norm and thanked her fans, crew, company, and sponsors.

Finally, she paused. Her eyes glanced below the stage and said, "In addition, I would like to especially give thanks to a friend. Before coming up on stage, almost everyone around me was consoling me, telling me that it was fine that I didn't win, but there was only one person who told me from the start that I would definitely be the Golden Orchid's best actress. He let me know that among hundreds and thousands of people, there's at least one person who still believes in me..."

Having heard what Qiao Ke Xin said, Qi Mei Lin almost couldn't maintain her composure in front of the camera anymore.

Darn it! That swindler actually got it right!

Doesn't matter who gets the Best Actress award, but it shouldn't be Qiao Ke Xin!

Very soon, the award ceremony came to an end.

Ye Yiyi stood up and said to Qiao Ke Xin naturally, "Ke Xin, congratulations! You earned it!"

Tsk tsk, the people from Emperor Sky think I earned it? What hypocrites.

Qiao Ke Xin smiled. "Why do I recall a certain someone from your company saying that I'm the NO. 1 artist who will never receive an award?"

Qi Mei Lin was so angry that her overly-done face was almost twisted. "Qiao Ke Xin, I suggest you keep that gloating face of yours. I'll watch how you're going to die getting roasted for winning the Golden Orchid Best Actress award with that lousy acting!"

Qiao Ke Xin chuckled and mumbled, "I'm afraid you'll die before I do! My highly-skilled Little Fortune Teller ge ge just read your fortune and once the award ceremony ends, you'll meet a disastrous tragedy, hah!"

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