Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 550: Too lucky

Chapter 550: Too lucky

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Everyone was discussing and awaiting the outcome anxiously while Ye Wanwan sneakily let out a yawn and looked somewhat bored.

This feeling of knowing things before it happened was exactly like knowing the identity of the murderer in a thriller.

Ay, life is really boring...

As expected, the host wanted to create more suspense, so after spouting a whole bunch of nonsense, he finally revealed the recipient's name—— "Congratulations, Miss Lin Jia Yin!"

After the announcement of the Best Supporting Actress, Han Xian Yu and Qiao Ke Xin were stunned and turned their heads to Ye Wanwan at the same time.

Han Xian Yu raised his brows. "Got three of them right in a row..."

After going through a long and slow list of small awards, the ceremony finally reached the most anticipated awards - Best Actor and Actress.

"The most exciting moment has arrived! The next award we'll be presenting is tonight's recipient of Best Actor!"

Ye Wanwan nearly fell asleep even when the host was speaking with such enthusiasm.

"Are you very sleepy?" Han Xian Yu asked, noticing Ye Wanwan's lack of interest.

Ye Wanwan shrugged. "I already predicted the answer, so obviously I'm pretty bored."

"You..." Han Xian Yu treated it as a joke and shook his head helplessly.

However, the second Ye Wanwan replied to him, the host was finally done with his climactic speech and announced the recipient of the Best Actor award—— "Tonight, Golden Orchid's Best Actor award goes to..."Mountains and Rivers," Li Zhong Yi!"

The hall was filled with thunderous applause.

Han Xian Yu couldn't help but exclaim, "You're too lucky - you managed to get four out of five big awards right!"

That's right...

And I'll be getting the fifth one right as well - the most highly-anticipated award of the Golden Orchid award ceremony tonight...

Qiao Ke Xin laughed. "Even I'm getting a little eager now - will I really be the Best Actress?"

When Qi Mei Lin overheard the conversation between the three people behind her, she muttered in a mocking way: "Tsk, some people have really thick skin, huh! Qiao Ke Xin, rather than believing this liar, why don't you believe the opinions of numerous netizens - you're the NO. 1 artist on the list of artists who will never receive the Best Actress award!"

Qi Mei Lin's name was nominated this time as well and the chances of her winning weren't low. She and Qiao Ke Xin had a similar acting trajectory and were in rival companies, so they were constantly battling each other, so Qi Mei Lin obviously wanted to take this chance to step all over Qiao Ke Xin.

Unlike Qiao Ke Xin's tarnished reputation, Qi Mei Lin's was much better and she was known for keeping her hands clean in the entertainment industry and being a good example of a goddess.

Each time Qi Mei Lin's team sent out a press release, they would make sure to compare her to Qiao Ke Xin and trample on Qiao Ke Xin.

However, in reality, the one who had always been diligent and studied meticulously to improve her acting skills was Qiao Ke Xin who the public had blackened until there were no clean spots on her. On the other hand, their goddess, Qi Mei Lin, had a private life that was unbearable to even think about...

Qiao Ke Xin retorted, "Mind your own business! Why do you care who I believe?!"

"He's a liar..."

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she muttered something to herself then said, "This liar's gotta give a word of advice to Miss Qi - keep walking in the dark and you'll definitely bump into a ghost someday."

"Too bad, I just predicted that tonight, after the Golden Orchid award ceremony, Miss Qi will meet a disastrous calamity. Maybe I can sell you a method to break the curse at a 5% discount!"

Qi Mei Lin burst out laughing. "Ha, what a joke. I've been in the entertainment industry for such a long time and this is the first time I've met an idiot like yourself. Is Worldwide so desperate that they're recruiting people like you?"

When Qi Mei Lin was almost done with her mocking, Ye Yiyi finally spoke up and pretended to be a good guy: "That's enough, Mei Lin."

Seeing that Ye Yiyi had spoken up, Qi Mei Lin then shut her trap and turned back. "Talking to people like you guys lowers my status!"

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