Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 549: Got it right again

Chapter 549: Got it right again

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After the Best Newcomer award were two minor awards followed by the Best Supporting Actor award.

The list of nominees for this award were all very strong and it wasn't so easy to guess the winner. Worldwide's Tang Xing Huo and Emperor Sky's Meng Liang Yu were the more popular contenders.

Ye Wanwan didn't want to put Worldwide down, but Meng Liang Yu was certainly well-prepared and had surpassed his competitors as a supporting actor.

One nominee who was up against Meng Liang Yu was a rookie Worldwide was grooming and pushing out.

Meng Liang Yu was an oldie at Emperor Sky when his father was still around, but once his father left, his popularity seemed to drop. This award could probably improve his popularity a little.

Han Xian Yu mumbled, "Best Supporting Actor - this is a hard one to guess. Ye Bai, are you sure it'll be Meng Liang Yu? Tang Xing Huo's performance wasn't bad either..."

Ye Wanwan replied with a straight face, "It's indeed hard to guess..."

Qiao Ke Xin said, "I think Tang Tang's chances of winning are higher. Previously at the banquet, I met some of the members of the judging panel and they had many good things to say about Tang Tang..."

The three of them were speculating. After the host said a bunch of nonsense, he finally announced the winner.

"The Best Supporting Actor award goes to—— the supporting actor Meng Liang Yu from the movie 'Red Lotus'! Congratulations!"

The hall resounded with applause and the camera turned in Meng Liang Yu's direction. Everyone from Emperor Sky stood up and hugged Meng Liang Yu to congratulate him.

Although Emperor Sky really wished another actor they were grooming would get the award, at least Meng Liang Yu was also from Emperor Sky.

A few rows behind, Tang Xing Huo shrugged nonchalantly.

Tang Xing Huo hung out with Gong Xu and the gang very often and was also a well-known member of the class of wealthy second generation kids. Although he acted better than Gong Xu, he probably didn't really care for awards.

Qiao Ke Xin chirped: "Aiya, Little Fortune teller ge ge, you got it right again eh!"

Ye Wanwan forced a smile and didn't say anything. Yes, I got it right again. I'll get all of them right, okay?

On stage, Meng Liang Yu was giving an emotional thank you speech.

Just like other artists, after he thanked the audience, director, company, Meng Liang Yu added, "Finally, I would also like to thank my talent scout! Because of his appreciation and support, I'm able to be here today!"

Outsiders might've thought Meng Liang Yu was referring to Ye Shao An, but insiders would know that Meng Liang Yu was scouted and groomed by Ye Shao Ting.

Ye Wanwan felt quite moved when she heard Meng Liang Yu's speech.

Her father had great foresight and to this day, Meng Liang Yu still remembered her father; he didn't even care that what he said might offend the higher-ups.

As expected, Ye Yiyi and Gu Yue Ze's faces turned ugly when they heard Meng Liang Yu.

As an outsider, even Han Xian Yu couldn't help but sigh. "This Meng Liang Yu is a real man..."

The following awards were the Best Sound Effects and Best Documentary, then the third little climax arrived - Best Supporting Actress.

This award was really difficult to guess; the catfight for this award was almost as intense as the Best Actress award. The audience and judging panel had a huge quarrel over it and all the fans of various actresses were also in turmoil.

Even Ye Yiyi and Gu Yue Ze's expressions became more solemn as they stared at the big screen.

Qiao Ke Xin tapped her chin and commented, "The nominees for the Best Supporting actress award are quite strong, they're pretty evenly matched..."

Han Xian Yu chimed in, "Indeed, I think even the judging panel was in a sticky spot!"

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