Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 548: I really want to work under you

Chapter 548: I really want to work under you

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On the large screen, the nominees for the Best Newcomer award were shown.

Li Yi, "Elixir of Love"...

Jiang Sen Yi, "A Hundred and One Nights"...

Zhao Ming Zhe, "Spring Feast"...

Gong Xu, "Love Will Never Come"...


The host sugarcoated his words. He mentioned how impressive they were and how fierce the competition was, but the truth was that various major production corporations churned out many newbies, resulting in the acting skills of these newbies to be mediocre. It was like picking from a bunch of weaklings.

Even Gong Xu was a nominee, so it was obvious how pathetic this award was.

Zhao Ming Zhe was an artist under Zhou Wen Bin before and through his connection with a sponsor, he hired a famous director at a high price to film an artistic film just for the sake of getting an award.

"The Best Newcomer Award goes to—— the lead actor of 'Spring Feast,' Zhao Ming Zhe! Congratulations!"

The host finally announced the winner.

Everyone started clapping instinctively.

Qiao Ke Xin beamed. "Aiya, congrats Little Fortune teller ge ge, you got one right!"

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly. *cough* "This wasn't really that hard to guess..."

In the row in front of them, Han Xian Yu, Ye Yiyi, and the others saw that someone from Worldwide received this award but they didn't react much to it - it was merely the Best Newcomer award. They didn't really care for it.

Qi Mei Lin sneered loud enough so that the people in the row behind could hear: "It's just the Best Newcomer award, what's there to celebrate? Who doesn't know that the Best Newcomer award this time is horrendous? Even Gong Xu's name is up there!"

Hearing Gong Xu's name once again, Ye Wanwan sighed.

Almost everyone used the phrase "Even Gong Xu's name is up there" to belittle the award, so it was pretty clear how tarnished that boy's reputation was.

Hence, Ye Wanwan hadn't allowed Gong Xu to come to the Awards on purpose. Otherwise, that'd be another mess she had to clean up.

Although Gong Xu was still being ridiculed while not present, at least the impact wouldn't be as large.

Now that this troublesome guy was in her hands, it would be a long, arduous journey to wash his name clean, so she could only do it slowly...

Han Xian Yu understood how Ye Wanwan felt, so he patted her shoulders in consolation. "My condolences..."

Han Xian Yu paused before saying, "But I was really quite surprised you actually took Gong Xu on!"

Even though the news about Gong Xu being transferred over to Ye Bai hadn't been made public yet, Han Xian Yu was from Worldwide and obviously knew about this. When he found out, he was quite shocked.

He really didn't know whether to congratulate or pity Ye Bai.

Ye Wanwan smiled bitterly. *cough* "Gong Xu is still considered a popular A-lister now, and you know I don't have that many artists working with me now! So I can only groom him slowly!"

Han Xian Yu obviously knew that grooming Gong Xu wasn't an easy task. He smiled. "Actually, I really want to work under you..."

Ye Wanwan looked at Han Xian Yu in surprise. This didn't seem like Han Xian Yu's first time saying it, so she smiled as well. "As if! You're Worldwide's money tree - how could you work under me..."

Han Xian Yu focused on the young man. "Then you have to work harder and try to take me under your wing someday!"

Ye Wanwan knew he was joking, so she nodded. "Alright alright, I'll definitely put in more effort for Little Angel Xian Yu! My career goal is to have Little Angel Xian Yu under me!"

Han Xian Yu stared at the young man's smile. "Hah, I'm looking forward to that."

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