Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 547: I really wish to win an award

Chapter 547: I really wish to win an award

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By now, Ye Wanwan recalled she made a bet and Han Xian Yu had told her about it but she had been very busy lately and had completely forgotten about it.

"Sh*t... are you sure? Are you sure I made this bet with Xin-jie?" Ye Wanwan still found it quite hard to believe.

Han Xian Yu nodded. "Of course I'm sure! I remember it very clearly. When you made the bet, Xin-jie even blushed from your flirting!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Han Xian Yu avoided Qiao Ke Xin and consoled Ye Bai softly, "Anyway, the bet has already been made. Luckily, Xin-jie's chances of winning aren't too high!"

Saying her chances weren't high was sugar-coating it - everyone thought it was completely impossible. No matter how popular the movie was, it was near impossible to get an award from a commercialized movie.

Ye Wanwan's face darkened as she held her forehead and sobbed inside. Problem is, Qiao Ke Xin will actually win the award, alright?!

She wouldn't have been so sure at first, but after being reborn for so long, it was already proven that everything progressed the same way as in her previous life.

I feel so tired...

How can I go back on this bet?

Who asked you to drink?! Who asked you to drink?! Why didn't you listen to baby!

"Hey, the two of you, what are you guys whispering about behind my back?" Qiao Ke Xin asked, rather displeased.

*cough* "Nothing much, nothing much..." Han Xian Yu hurriedly sat upright.

Ye Wanwan immediately sat up as well, even though her heart was in a mess.

She could only hope that Qiao Ke Xin had forgotten about this bet...

Qiao Ke Xin cupped her face and mumbled, "Ay, too bad. I actually really wanted to win the award so I can finally kiss my Little Fortune teller ge-ge [1] openly."


Ye Wanwan wanted to die.

When Han Xian Yu heard Qiao Ke Xin being increasingly affectionate towards Ye Bai, his head was filled with black lines. You're older than him; is it really appropriate for you to call him ge-ge?

And on that sorrowful note, the award ceremony officially began.

On stage, two hosts were enthusiastically giving the opening speech followed by an opening performance. After that, the big screen quickly showed the list of nominated films for the night.

"Alright, now is the moment everyone's been waiting for - the award presentation. Tonight, the first award we'll be presenting is the Best Edited Film award..."

Every year, the sequence of awards changed and they were basically arranged based on the degree of competitiveness and influence of the award. Other than the award for Best Movie that was always at the end, the sequence of awards for Best Director, Best Actor and Actress were all adjusted by the host according to the situation to create maximum suspense.

For instance, this time the catfight for Best Actress was the most intense, so it was going to be presented right before the Best Movie Award, making it the second-to-last award to be revealed.

The first few awards presented were minor and unimportant ones, so Han Xian Yu took the opportunity to chat: "Oh right, Ye Bai, how did you manage to make your predictions before? I heard you mention that the Best Newcomer would be Zhao Ming Zhe, Best Supporting Actress would be Lin Jia Yin, Best Supporting Actor would be Meng Liang Yu and the Best Actor would be Li Zhong Yi...? I didn't remember wrong, right?"

Ye Wanwan was speechless. I actually listed out all the important awards...

Qiao Ke Xin was all smiles as she leaned over and added: "There's also me - the Best Actress!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Please just leave me alone...

"Next award we're presenting is... Best Newcomer! The newcomers this year are very impressive, so it was really hard to decide the winner - I wonder who it will be? Let's wait and see!"

At this moment, the ceremony reached a small climax as they prepared to announce the recipient of the Best Newcomer award.

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