Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 546: A bet with a kiss

Chapter 546: A bet with a kiss

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At one glance, Gu Yue Ze was taken aback the second he saw the young man.

Why does this young man look so familiar?

Like... he looks somewhat similar to Ye Wanwan at grandfather Ye's banquet the other time...

But his mannerisms were completely opposite to hers; furthermore, he was a guy.

It was common for people to look alike, especially in showbiz as cosmetic surgeries were prevalent. Hence, Gu Yue Ze simply took another look but didn't think much about it.

It was just that this guy's appearance really made him recall the day Ye Wanwan called off their engagement at the banquet and thus, Gu Yue Ze's expression turned darker.

Businessmen were all very superstitious about luck and fortune; the Gu family especially hired a geomancy expert with an exorbitant price tag. They also repaired the temple and made donations every year.

So when this person suddenly appeared and commented that his fortune wasn't looking so good, he obviously felt quite uncomfortable.

When Ye Wanwan met Gu Yue Ze's dull gaze, a hint of a smile suddenly overflowed from her eyes. "What, chairman Gu, you don't believe me? Why don't I read your fortune for free right here, huh?"

Gu Yue Ze glanced coldly at him and turned his head back very quickly. He didn't bother with him at all and treated him like a little clown.

Qi Mei Lin hurriedly said, "Chairman Gu, don't stoop to his level. He looks like a cheater and even knows how to read fortunes, huh? Why don't you work at the temple instead? What are you doing here in the entertainment industry?"

Ye Wanwan shrugged and casually said, "If you change your mind, chairman Gu, you can look for me anytime."

Qi Mei Lin was speechless and muttered a curse, "Crazy..."

Ye Yiyi turned and glanced at the young man. Her brows knitted slightly but she didn't say anything.

Everyone thought Ye Wanwan was merely cursing Gu Yue Ze and was trying to speak up for Worldwide, so nobody took her words seriously.

Seeing that these people were so mad that they kept quiet, Qiao Ke Xin flashed a brilliant smile and said, "Little Mr. Fortune teller, well done! If it wasn't for Han Xian Yu, this lightbulb between us, jie-jie would definitely give you a kiss!"

Ye Wanwan: "..." Thank goodness Han Xian Yu's between us.

Han Xian Yu was completely speechless as well. He said helplessly, "Ye Bai, although what you said has eased the tension in the air for a while... wouldn't you have to slap yourself in the face if they really win both awards later?"

Ye Wanwan's eyes were as sparkly as the stars and a glow appeared on her face. "What...if I'm right?"

Han Xian Yu was dazzled by the radiance in the young man's eyes. He roared in laughter and said, "If you're right, that would be fantastic and I shall call you a psychic!"

Having said that, Han Xian Yu seemed to have thought of something; he looked at Qiao Ke Xin first then looked at Ye Bai and his face turned slightly awkward.

Ye Wanwan noticed the difference in Han Xian Yu's expression and asked, "What is it?"

Han Xian Yu coughed lightly and looked down then he moved closer to Ye Wanwan, "Have you forgotten about the bet you made with Xin-jie that night when you were drunk?"

"Ah? What bet?" Ye Wanwan was confused.

He really forgot about it...

Han Xian Yu held his forehead, feeling at a loss. "That... you said if you won, Xin-jie has to give you a kiss after she receives the best actress award..."

The second Han Xian Yu said that Ye Wanwan's head went completely blank and she was dumbfounded.

Ddd... damn...

I actually did something so shameless when I was drunk!

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