Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 545: I'm afraid he wouldn't be getting both crowns

Chapter 545: I'm afraid he wouldn't be getting both crowns

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After they settled down, Ye Wanwan realized Gu Yue Ze and Ye Yiyi were sitting in the row directly in front of them and next to Ye Yiyi was the extremely popular actress, Qi Mei Lin.

The award ceremony hadn't started, but there were many people who came forward to congratulate them already. "Congratulations, director Ye, I'm afraid Emperor Sky will be claiming all the awards for sure this time!"

Ye Yiyi was dressed in a limited-edition champagne-colored gown. She was unbelievably beautiful and was exchanging greetings with everyone modestly: "You flatter me! The results aren't out yet, so we can't be sure. There's still a large gap between Man Ni's acting skills and the seniors; there's still room for improvement not to mention that the strength of the other nominees can't be underestimated!"

"Director Ye, you're too modest. How could the seedlings you personally groomed be second-rate? As for the other nominees, Liu An is probably the only one who has a chance to vie for that award; others like Qiao Ke Xin are simply there to fill up the vacancies!"

"Hahaha, that's right. I'm already prepared and waiting for chairman Gu's celebratory treat for getting both crowns!"

Ye Wanwan and Qiao Ke Xin were very close to them and could obviously hear everything those people were saying.

Qiao Ke Xin's expression was extremely ugly like it could explode any second. "Tsk, both crowns - what a big appetite, huh!"

Hearing Qiao Ke Xin's voice from behind, those people in front froze.

Who in the entertainment industry didn't know that one shouldn't offend Qiao Ke Xin?

Someone immediately changed the subject and tried to mediate the situation: "Hehe, Xin-jie, your movie this time was quite popular as well - it broke through 600 million at the box office! Congratulations, congratulations!"

An actress from Emperor Sky who didn't get along with Qiao Ke Xin lowered her voice and sneered, "We were just speaking the truth - is there a problem with that?"

Han Xian Yu frowned. "Before the results are out, it's better to keep some comments to yourself."

Dressed in a red, Qi Mei Lin mocked, "Yes, of course, we shouldn't be too confident about it, but no matter who the recipient of the best actress award is going to be, it will never be Qiao Ke Xin, right?"

What she said was really unpleasant.

Ye Yiyi, who was sitting by the side, didn't seem to have any intention of controlling her own artist.

"Tsk, it'll never be me? Do you really think it'll be you, huh..." Qiao Ke Xin stood up all of a sudden, extremely agitated.

They wouldn't attract any attention if they were just sitting down and talking casually, but if this blew up, it'd be an ugly scene for sure.

——"Well, I think the best actress award will definitely go to Xin-jie and no one else."

The man's low and hoarse voice suddenly resounded and everyone turned in his direction.

They looked at the young man seated next to Han Xian Yu.

The young man was hidden in the dim light and appeared almost non-existent, but when everyone noticed him, they realized this young man looked quite stunning. His casual and lazy manner had the feeling of a son from a wealthy family.

Under these circumstances when they didn't know who this person was, nobody dared to spout nonsense. Qi Mei Lin glanced at the man in displeasure, "And you are?"

Ye Wanwan replied, "I'm just a nobody. There's no need for this beauty here to know my name."

When Qi Mei Lin heard the young man's reply, she replied loftily, "Since you're just a nobody, who are you to speak?"

She was an A-lister in the entertainment industry after all and didn't have to tolerate anyone's attitude. In addition, she had Ye Yiyi and Gu Yue Ze as her backers right now, so naturally, she didn't have much restraint.

Regarding her bad attitude, Ye Wanwan didn't mind it and laughed it off. She mumbled, "It's just that coincidentally, I know a little about the eight trigrams and five elements and I predicted that chairman Gu's fortune may not be that prosperous. I'm afraid he won't be getting both crowns tonight!"

Gu Yue Ze couldn't be bothered with this argument at first, but when he heard this, he furrowed his brows slightly and turned to look at the person speaking...

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