Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 544: Not her usual self

Chapter 544: Not her usual self

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Ye Wanwan stood and watched silently as Ye Yiyi and Gu Yue Ze led Emperor Sky's entourage with all the limelight on them.

Today's Ye group was still dominant in the entertainment industry even after clashing with Worldwide and other companies, so it was inevitable they would reap a plentiful harvest this time.

Previously, there were many news releases stating that Emperor Sky would be creating a massacre this time.

However, they might have to be disappointed if they were trying to seize both the best actor and actress awards.

Ye Wanwan didn't have to walk the red carpet, so after watching from a distance, she walked directly to the grand hall for the ceremony.

Han Xian Yu was too busy and got his assistant to pass the entrance tickets to Ye Wanwan in a rush.

Ye Wanwan held out her tickets and was preparing to look for her seat. Alas, when she saw her seat number, she was stunned.

Uh, why's it so close to the front? Is there a mistake somewhere?

Ye Wanwan checked it three times and realized that it was the right seat, so she gave Han Xian Yu's assistant a call to check again.

In the end, the assistant was on the line and she couldn't get through.

Ye Wanwan was in a difficult position. After all, she couldn't simply sit anywhere she liked for an event like this.

Ye Wanwan couldn't reach the assistant at all. She had no choice but to sit and wait in a corner.

Her head was hurting when suddenly, she heard a familiar pair of footsteps in front of her. Following that, an arm went around her shoulders intimately."Ye Bai, what are you doing here?"

All she saw was Han Xian Yu dressed in an exquisite custom-made white suit from brand C. He was even more dashing than usual.

Ye Wanwan was shocked for a moment. "Xian Yu..."

"I noticed you weren't in your seat still. Didn't Xiao Liang give you your ticket?" Han Xian Yu asked.

"She did, but the seat number didn't seem right! Isn't it a little too close to the front?" Ye Wanwan replied.

Han Xian Yu took a closer look then said, "Nothing's wrong, this is the right seat. You're next to me. Let's go!"

Having said that, he brought Ye Wanwan to the seat in front.

"Next to you?" Ye Wanwan was in even more shock.

"Don't worry, the assistant director who was supposed to sit next to me couldn't make it, so Xin-jie and I gave this seat to you. There won't be any problems!"

Ye Wanwan felt relieved after hearing Han Xian Yu say that.

Although the award ceremony hadn't started, Han Xian Yu attracted quite a bit of attention when he suddenly stood up, walked to the back and was so friendly to an unfamiliar face.

Ye Wanwan was quickly brought to the empty seat on Han Xian Yu's left side. On his right was Qiao Ke Xin.

The moment Qiao Ke Xin saw her, she smiled gently and said, "Hi little Mr. Fortune teller, we meet again!"

Ye Wanwan was a little embarrassed. *cough* "Hello Xin-jie, I'm really sorry I was rude last time!"

Qiao Ke Xin blinked. "No, you weren't. It was very nice seeing you last time. I wanted to see you again - you're so cute! If you're free later, why don't..."

Han Xian Yu couldn't listen to this any longer. He used his body to block the two of them and reminded them, "Xin-jie, we're in public! Could you please be more careful? They'll start filming very soon!"

Qiao Ke Xin pouted and finally stopped. Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief and whispered to Han Xian Yu, "Thanks."

Seeing the way Ye Wanwan was so flustered, Han Xian Yu laughed. "You're really two different people when you're sober and when you're drunk."

Ye Wanwan didn't know what to say. *cough cough* "Don't ever bring up my drunk incident ever again..."

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