Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 543: Award ceremony

Chapter 543: Award ceremony

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It was probably because Ye Wanwan poured everything out to Si Ye Han that she felt much better.

Besides, she should take things as they came. Even rebirth was possible, so what was impossible?

At 8 pm, the 46th annual Golden Orchid award ceremony officially began.

As an annual feast in the entertainment industry, the scene was dazzling and grand. The media gathered to photograph those on the red carpet who were all A-listers and rising stars.

Han Xian Yu and Qiao Ke Xin would be walking down the red carpet together tonight.

The two of them had known each other for years and had always been known as brother and sister in the industry, so there wouldn't be any scandal arising from this.

The combination of a handsome gentleman and a beauty was always eye-catching; the two of them took up countless rolls of film the second they appeared.

When the host saw the subject of scrutiny, Qiao Ke Xin, his eyes lit up and he hurriedly asked questions which he had already prepared beforehand. "Ke Xin, the box office for 'Legend of the Quiet Girl' has already broken through 600 million - this really calls for a celebration! It's a pity though that many netizens don't think this film has a high chance of receiving an award. They think it's too commercialized, completely surrounded with a money-making stench and they're also very critical about your acting. I wonder if you're confident that you can clinch the best actress award tonight?"

The host's choice of words was provocative, obviously trying to agitate Qiao Ke Xin and create an explosive drama.

Furthermore, this topic was exactly Qiao Ke Xin's sore spot.

As expected, the hot-tempered Qiao Ke Xin narrowed her eyes and was about to curse at him.

At this moment, Han Xian Yu sensed something was wrong, so he quickly coughed and spoke up before Qiao Ke Xin could: "Heh, I've already asked Xin-jie this question before. Xin-jie said there are many strong seniors around tonight so she won't force it; she'll do what she can and leave the rest to fate!"

Han Xian Yu then pulled Qiao Ke Xin away immediately without giving the host a chance to speak.

Qiao Ke Xin glared at the host and gave him a dirty look.

Not far off, Ye Wanwan observed that scene and held her forehead helplessly; Qiao Ke Xin's tarnished reputation was also in part created by her bad temper.

At this moment, there was an even louder gasp at the scene.

Ye Wanwan looked up and saw that the next couple walking down the red carpet wasn't some A-lister but... Emperor Sky's director of the talent recruitment department, Ye Yiyi, along with Gu Group's chairman cum CEO of Emperor Sky, Gu Yue Ze.

This couple consisted of a delicate and beautiful girl and a tall and handsome man - their looks were in no way inferior to the celebrities in the entertainment industry and they held powerful statuses themselves. What was more eye-catching was that there were a couple megastars from Emperor Sky following behind them. All of them were the hottest artists who won many awards before. This "Emperor Sky Heavenly Entourage" grabbed everyone's attention instantly.

The host raised his microphone and exclaimed dramatically. "Wow! This must be the strongest line-up on the red carpet tonight! Director Ye, chairman Gu, I'm not sure if the two of you are confident about the award ceremony tonight?"

Ye Yiyi turned to Gu Yue Ze in a gentle manner, appearing to sing her husband's tune.

Gu Yue Ze didn't have much reaction as he replied plainly, "We're determined to win."

The cold and solemn expression on his charming face immediately stirred up the screams of many lovestruck fans.

The host was starry-eyed as well. "Indeed, one's manner of speech is different when one has confidence. But it's not surprising at all since senior Li Chong Yi for the best actor award is a shoo-in and Qi Mei Lin is also in the running for the best actress award. Who knows, maybe Emperor Sky will be able to clinch both titles tonight!"

When the host said "one's manner of speech is different when one has confidence," the host was obviously trying to ridicule Qiao Ke Xin...

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