Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 542: We'll talk after you're dressed

Chapter 542: We'll talk after you're dressed

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Ye Wanwan had to attend the Golden Orchid Award Ceremony that night. After her training ended, she took off her activewear and changed into a men's outfit.

In the master bedroom, Si Ye Han had just ended his acupuncture therapy session. On his bare upper body, there were countless blue-black spots caused by the needles.

Ye Wanwan had a slight phobia of needles, so each time Si Ye Han did his acupuncture therapy, she didn't stick around.

"Did it hurt?" Ye Wanwan sat next to him and asked.

Si Ye Han buttoned up his top and replied calmly, "I'm fine."

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows. "Why don't... I keep you company next time?"

Si Ye Han glanced at her then said, "No need for that. I'll have to take care of you if you faint."

"..." Ye Wanwan was speechless. He's truly a robot.

"Oh, right..." Ye Wanwan remembered something and her expression turned serious all of a sudden. "Si Ye Han, I have something very important I need to tell you."

Si Ye Han responded while buttoning up his shirt: "What?"

Ye Wanwan stared at the way Si Ye Han fastened his buttons, revealing some bare skin and was suddenly stuck: "Uh..."

Si Ye Han looked at her suspiciously and waited for her to continue.

Ye Wanwan held her forehead helplessly and waved her arms. "Eh...we'll talk after you're dressed. I completely forgot what I wanted to say..."

The man was stunned at first then a soft smile seemed to appear on his face.

After some time, he was done fastening all the buttons and said, "Alright, what did you want to say?"

Seeing that Si Ye Han was dressed, Ye Wanwan was satisfied and remembered what she wanted to say.

Ye Wanwan pondered for a moment then said sternly, "Si Ye Han, I suddenly realized I might be a kung fu master!"

Si Ye Han: "..."

Ye Wanwan panicked when there was no reaction from Si Ye Han. "What, you don't believe me? I went to the training grounds with Eleven today and he taught me some wrestling techniques. In the end, I knocked Eleven to the ground! Eleven even wanted to be my disciple!"

"You agreed?" Si Ye Han asked as his eyes grew dimmer.

Ye Wanwan looked helpless. "Oh, at first, I thought this was ridiculous and I would never accept him as my disciple - how on earth could my trainer suddenly become my disciple? However, Eleven was very stubborn and even thought I looked down on his skills. I didn't have a choice so I agreed to it. Aside from Eleven, there was another young bodyguard who stutters..."

Ye Wanwan spoke and pinched her brows lethargically. "Actually... I'm not sure when it started... Today I was very perceptive and more capable than ordinary people like I already had all these skills inside me from the beginning. For example, martial arts and acting... I can do them instinctively; I wasn't learning these skills but merely adapted them as I needed to. It feels... really weird..."

Si Ye Han looked at her confused little face and placed his large palm on her head, stroking it softly. "It's not weird; you're just gifted."

As if worried that she wouldn't believe him, Si Ye Han added: "I'm like that too."

The moment his large palm touched her head, Ye Wanwan was immediately infused with a sense of relief, but in the next second, when she heard Si Ye Han's words, she was speechless: "..."

Baby, are you serious?

Me? Gifted?

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly. "Alright, I do believe the last four words you said."

Si Ye Han is gifted, that's for sure. But as for me, how can I be on the same level as a twisted genius like Si Ye Han...

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