Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 541: If things go wrong

Chapter 541: If things go wrong

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"Right... that's right... right right... what... he... he... said was... right!"

The delicate-looking bodyguard stuttered and nodded continuously. "I... I... I wish to... fight... fight... fight for the... post of... team... team leader... this time..."

"Damn... he said he wants to fight for the position of team leader. This has always been his goal and dream; he hopes Miss Wanwan can take him as a disciple and help him fulfill his wish!" An impatient onlooker helped him finish his sentence in one breath.

"Right... right... that's right... he... he... he's right!" The stutterer nodded non-stop. "Miss... Wan... Wanwan... please..."

Cold sweat started forming on Ye Wanwan's forehead. "Wait wait wait wait... you guys want me to take you on as disciples? Do all of you have some weird misunderstanding about me?"

Everyone, including Eleven and the bodyguard who stuttered, shook their heads in unison.

Not at all, alright?

They really misunderstood her in the past, but now everything was as clear as day.

Eleven said with a serious expression, "Miss Wanwan, we're completely serious. I've practiced martial arts for many years now and have reached a bottleneck - I can't advance no matter how hard I try. Miss Wanwan has amazing perception skills and even after exchanging only a couple moves with you just now, it's benefited me. If Miss Wanwan is willing to take me on, even if you provide me with only one or two tips, Eleven would be extremely grateful!"

The stutterer knew he couldn't properly say what he was thinking but thankfully, the captain already said everything on his mind and so, he nodded in agreement. "I... just like captain Eleven, please... please... please... Miss Wanwan... agree...! I... I want to be strong!"

Ye Wanwan hadn't even returned to her senses from the sudden transformation to a "kung fu teacher" when her own coach and a bodyguard started pleading for her to take them on as disciples. Her entire mind went blank.

"The problem is... I really don't know anything about this. Wouldn't I be setting your progress back and misleading you?" Ye Wanwan replied with a throbbing headache.

Eleven lowered his eyes and looked quite glum. "Miss Wanwan thinks I'm not good enough?"

Ye Wanwan: "...huh?"

I've always been a weak chicken; why would I think this captain isn't good enough?! Where's he getting this from?

Ye Wanwan felt this situation was too absurd and obviously didn't want to agree, but she couldn't handle the pestering of these two people, so in the end, she had no choice but to say: "I agree..."

Hearing what Ye Wanwan said, the two people were overjoyed and they wanted to express their gratitude at first but were stopped by Ye Wanwan instantly.

Ye Wanwan continued sternly, "But I have to make it clear first - I'm not very sure of this myself, so I can't promise I can teach you guys anything. I was forced into this and if things go wrong, you're not allowed to complain about me to your master Si Ye Han!"

"Teacher, you're too modest!" Eleven was stirred up.

After experiencing Ye Wanwan's frightening strength first-hand, who would believe she wasn't sure what she was doing?

"Miss Wanwan, we... we would like a teacher as well..."

Suddenly, the rest of the bodyguards stepped forward eagerly.

"Alright, we'll talk about this again after the assessment is over. The teacher can't handle so many disciples at once," Eleven hurriedly said.

Hearing this, the bodyguards pouted but could only let it go. Each of them regretted hesitating and not stepping forward to seize the opportunity when it was first presented to them.

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