Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 540: Please take me as your disciple

Chapter 540: Please take me as your disciple



Seeing as Ye Wanwan still wanted to speak, Eleven quickly turned to the bodyguards outside the ring and ordered, "All of you, come over and spar with Miss Wanwan."


The bodyguards who had been belly laughing had their smiles frozen on their faces.

They could no longer laugh - Ye Wanwan had such a weird talent and they all witnessed how Eleven couldn't even take her on. If they stepped up, wasn't that just asking to be beaten?

However, since Eleven already made the order, these bodyguards couldn't refuse. They could only brace themselves and walk into the ring.




The bodyguards' cries echoed throughout the training room continuously.

Seven minutes later, a couple bodyguards had bruised and swollen faces like Eleven and they looked at Ye Wanwan with admiration and respect.

Although they knew Ye Wanwan was powerful when they watched her from afar, it was a totally different feeling having to experience it first-hand.

These bodyguards bragged they were elites, but in front of Ye Wanwan, they weren't even worth a mention.

They couldn't imagine how a "weak" girl could possess such terrifying energy.

"Are you guys really not going easy on me?" Ye Wnawan looked at Eleven and the bodyguards who had their faces bruised.

"No… no no no…" One of the more delicate-looking bodyguards was the most brutally beaten up by Ye Wanwan. He shook his head non-stop and was stammering.

They had tried their best.

They had already put in all their effort and if they gave in to Ye Wanwan, they'd probably be beaten to death by her.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and thought. She really hadn't expected that she would be so talented in martial arts. She hadn't trained for long and already was able to beat up the coach. If she trained for another few years, wouldn't she be invincible…?

With that thought, her interest was piqued and a tinge of excitement appeared in her eyes. "Come come come, all of you attack me at once! Use all your force to attack me."

"No, no…"

"Miss Wanwan… please let me go…"

"Miss Wanwan, we don't have any grudge against each other…"

"Wan… Wanwan… Miss… Miss.. we… we… can't defeat… can't defeat you… you're too… too… strong!" one of the bodyguards stammered. He looked very delicate and instinctively took a few steps back.

"Miss Wanwan… please take me as your disciple!"

Suddenly, Eleven walked to Ye Wanwan, bent his body 90 degrees and gave Ye Wanwan a deep bow.

Seeing what Eleven was doing, Ye Wanwan was stunned.

Ah? Take him as my disciple?

How did me and Eleven switch roles all of a sudden…

Eleven's clearly the coach while I'm the student…

"Coach Eleven… what do you mean by this…" Ye Wanwan was taken aback.

"Miss Wanwan, I'm serious. I know I'm not good enough, so I hope Miss Wanwan wouldn't mind to teach me some techniques. I want to fight for this post of head captain!" Eleven gritted his teeth.

"Wan… Wanwan… Miss… Miss… please… take… take me… as well…" the delicate-looking bodyguard stammered. Copying Eleven, he bowed deeply towards Ye Wanwan. However, his stuttering was quite serious and everyone started getting nervous for him when they heard what he said, almost entering a cold sweat on his behalf.

"Miss Wanwan, what he wants to say is that he would like you to also accept him as your disciple and teach him some kung fu!" One of the bodyguards couldn't listen any further and intervened.

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