Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 539: Could it be that I'm a kung fu master?

Chapter 539: Could it be that I'm a kung fu master?

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Ye Wanwan scanned her own hands in shock and her mind was in a whirl.

"Miss Wanwan... this is..."

The other bodyguards looked at one another in disbelief.

As a bodyguard in the Si family, each one of them was an elite, so they naturally could tell that Ye Wanwan's moves were clean and decisive.

If Ye Wanwan had a dagger in her hands, Eleven would've died over ten times...

Eleven stared at her like he had just seen a ghost.

The kung fu technique he was immensely proud of was simply blocked by Ye Wanwan; none of his moves worked at all!

No matter how swiftly he moved, Ye Wanwan always beat him to it and her moves were extremely tricky; he wasn't able to anticipate them.

"Are you... losing to me on purpose?" After quite a while, Ye Wanwan looked at Eleven suspiciously.

Eleven was the Si family's bodyguard and also the leader of Dark Team 1. Needless to say, he was strong and skilled.

Ye Wanwan had no lack of understanding about herself. She had just learned about wrestling today, yet she was able to take him down every single time...

Eleven stared at Ye Wanwan and the corners of his mouth started twitching but no words came out.

In the beginning, Eleven did give in to her purposely just as Ye Wanwan said, but after that, Eleven used his full strength, yet he was still unable to dodge Ye Wanwan's attacks.

Whether it was speed or strength or timing of the attacks, it was as if Ye Wanwan had gone through meticulous planning. She took control first, causing Eleven to always be in a passive state without the energy to fight back.

"Miss Wanwan, there's indeed more to you than meets the eye..." A while later, Eleven spoke up.

At this moment, Ye Wanwan's face was filled with doubt. Judging by Eleven's expression, he really looked like he hadn't lost to her.

Was it possible that Ye Wanwan had a legendary bone structure, a one-of-a-kind gift?

"Coach Eleven... let me use my full strength to attack." Ye Wanwan took a deep breath. She couldn't forget that weird state of mind she was just in like she entered some kind of mysterious state. Her heart was as calm as still water while her instincts created a response.

"Alright..." Eleven nodded. His palm rapidly moved towards Ye Wanwan.

Following the movement of Eleven's palm, Ye Wanwan inexplicably felt threatened and went into that mysterious state again and scanned everything around her coldly.


Suddenly, Ye Wanwan lifted her right arm and knocked it against Eleven's chin in an instant.

Even though Eleven's move was fast, he wasn't faster than Ye Wanwan. His palm was still in midair and before he could get close to Ye Wanwan's body, his entire body was flung off by Ye Wanwan.

People all said that learning martial arts was extremely torturous and as difficult as flying, but to Ye Wanwan, this wasn't the case at all and it didn't seem challenging to her...

"Eh... could it be that I'm a kung fu master?" Ye Wanwan retracted her fists. She felt a little weird in her heart.

She only thought she had a great memory and perceptive skills but she thought she was all talk and was very weak at fighting. After today's intensive training, however, she discovered she had such talent in kung fu, huh?

"Coach Eleven... I think... I can go faster... please continue." Ye Wanwan watched as Eleven got up.

Hearing what Ye Wanwan said, Eleven shook his head like a rattle and sobbed. "Miss Wanwan... no more... really..."

"It's fine... let's try once more..." Ye Wanwan tried to persuade him patiently.

"Miss Wanwan... if we keep going, I might lose my life..." Eleven face was swollen and bruised. He never wanted to fight with Ye Wanwan ever again.

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