Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 538: Spotted his flaws

Chapter 538: Spotted his flaws

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"Miss Wanwan, I'll use a martial arts move to attack you this time. Try to defend and you may attack as well." Eleven composed himself.

At this moment, Eleven had already figured out Ye Wanwan's patterns and he didn't believe he would be attacked again.

"This technique is called Three Rapid Strikes and I'll launch three strikes in quick succession. Miss Wanwan, watch carefully and learn." After briefing Miss Wanwan about the details of this technique, Eleven immediately made his first move.

Eleven was extremely swift; Ye Wanwan even heard a swishing sound.

In a flash, Ye Wanwan's mind went blank. Everything around her stopped and Eleven's move seemed to slow down in front of her.

Instinctively, Ye Wanwan threw a punch.

This punch actually bypassed Eleven's move - it turned at a tricky angle and brutally landed on Eleven's head.


Under all the bodyguards' dazed expressions, their captain Eleven was punched in the head and was sent flying ten steps back!

After Eleven got up, he widened his eyes and stared at Ye Wanwan in utter disbelief.

His impression of Ye Wanwan was that she was simply stronger than ordinary people...

But just now, the punch Ye Wanwan threw was extremely fast without any fanciful techniques, clean and clear-cut like she was really out to murder somebody...!

"This... how is this possible..." Eleven was stunned.

Even Ye Wanwan herself was dumbstruck, much less Eleven, as she looked at her own fists.

During that second just now, she really didn't do anything intentionally, but it was a natural reaction from her body...

Furthermore, the technique Eleven presented was completely flawed in her eyes - it was no different from a child playing house...

"What just happened?"

"Didn't... didn't see it clearly..."

"It seems like Miss Wanwan... sent captain Eleven flying with a punch..."

"It's probably... a fluke..."

"It must be!"

The bodyguards looked at each other, confused.

Eleven knitted his brows tightly. He stood rooted on the ground and stared at Ye Wanwan and he also started believing it was a fluke like the other bodyguards said.

"Miss Wanwan... how did you do that just now?" Eleven asked.

"I'm not too sure myself..." Ye Wanwan looked dumbstruck.

"Let's do it again, then!" Eleven didn't believe it could happen again.

After that, Eleven returned to the ring and concentrated all his energy in his fist then aimed it towards Ye Wanwan again.


In the next second, a familiar sound resounded throughout the training room.

Eleven was punched by Ye Wanwan once again.

This time, Ye Wanwan clearly saw through Eleven's flaws.

"Again!" Eleven repeated.




Within one minute, Eleven used numerous martial arts techniques but was still beaten up by Ye Wanwan seven to eight times in a row.

Each time Eleven used his full strength to attack, Ye Wanwan's mind went blank and entered a weird state of mind.

Her heart was completely calm without the slightest hint of anxiety or panic. She saw through Eleven's weaknesses and her body performed the necessary adjustments before attacking Eleven.

She felt this way before but never really paid much attention to it and it had also never appeared so plainly before.

The other bodyguards were speechless. Who was the one who said Miss Wanwan only has brute force? How is this just brute force?

Each time she attacked, it was swift and ruthless. She only used one move, but it was the most direct blow without any delays at all.

What's the skill of death?

This is the skill of death!

The skill of death taught by Eleven was merely to kill and wear the enemy out; other than that, it had no use at all!

While Ye Wanwan's display seemed simple and rough, it was a very good fit with the name "skill of death."

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