Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 537: An agonizing coaching session

Chapter 537: An agonizing coaching session

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Not far off, Eleven balled up his fists tightly. His face was so gloomy that it looked as if flames would sprout out of his head. The other bodyguards didn't lower their voices, so naturally, Eleven heard everything.

Indeed, just as those bodyguards said, he might not be able to beat Liu Ying during the head captain tryouts this time.

Liu Ying groomed a couple pretty good new bodyguards in order to obtain the position of team leader. Maybe after the assessment, Eleven's old position as team leader might be snatched away and he would just become an ordinary bodyguard...

"Coach Eleven, I believe you can do it." Ye Wanwan noticed Eleven didn't look too good, so she tried to encourage him.

"Thank you, Miss Wanwan. I'll work hard!" Eleven nodded.

Although Eleven sounded determined, his eyes were dull - it was obvious he wasn't very confident.

After some time, Eleven brought Ye Wanwan to the training room.

"Captain!" A few bodyguards who were training immediately jumped up and greeted him loudly the moment they saw him.

These few bodyguards were members of Eleven's Dark Team 1 and were very loyal towards him.

"Good morning, Miss Wanwan!" Following that, they greeted Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan nodded. "Good morning."

"You guys move aside first. I'll be teaching Miss Wanwan some fighting techniques today," Eleven said.

Hearing that, the bodyguards wiped the sweat off their curious faces with a towel and quickly sat down a distance away to observe.

Eleven stood in the middle of the ring.

"Miss Wanwan, the first step to learning martial arts isn't attacking but defending. Today, I'll start teaching you defense."

"I'll listen carefully to Coach Eleven's instructions!" Ye Wanwan laughed.

"Alright, I'll demonstrate... we'll start by you attacking me with all your strength," Eleven instructed.

"Okay." Ye Wanwan nodded. The second she extended her arm, Eleven suddenly exclaimed, "Wait wait... Miss Wanwan, don't use all your strength first... uh... use 60% of it..."

When he thought back to the strength Ye Wanwan exhibited that night at the bar, Eleven felt terrified. Furthermore, his injuries weren't fully healed yet.

"Alright!" After a moment, Ye Wanwan clenched her fist and threw a punch at Eleven.


Eleven was quick. He gripped Ye Wanwan's incoming jab in a flash.

"Miss Wanwan... see..."

Eleven intercepted Ye Wanwan's attack firmly and was just about to give some pointers when Ye Wanwan flung her left fist out of instinct and hit Eleven right in his face.

"Aiyo..." Eleven took a few steps back and held his face.

"Miss Wanwan... why didn't you follow the sequence properly..." Eleven rubbed his own face.

"Skill of death... if you don't die, I won't live... so do I really have to act accordingly to the sequence...?" Ye Wanwan said doubtfully.

Seeing that, some bodyguards burst out in laughter - Miss Wanwan's explanation did make sense and their captain Eleven had been taken advantage of.

"This time, I'll attack you instead... you can defend just as I did now..." Eleven said.

"Sure." Ye Wanwan understood.

Eleven moved forward a couple steps, lifted his right arm and attacked Ye Wanwan.

Eleven already lowered his strength on purpose so he wouldn't hurt Miss Wanwan.

However, the second he threw this punch, Ye Wanwan slapped Eleven's body, probably out of instinct again.

Eleven was dumbfounded. "..."

Didn't we agree we'll just be practicing her defense? Why must she hit me?!

"Miss Wanwan... didn't we agree that... you'll just be defending..." Eleven was at a loss.

"Uh, coach Eleven... isn't attacking the best defense..." Ye Wanwan mumbled and even gave Eleven a look as if she was questioning his ability to teach.

Eleven didn't know what to say anymore. "..."


The surrounding bodyguards rocked back and forth in laughter. Miss Ye's understanding of martial arts is really unique huh...

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