Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 536: Left speechless

Chapter 536: Left speechless

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"Miss Wanwan, this is only natural. Among all the martial arts, the most formidable one is known as the skill of death!" Eleven spoke seriously.

"Skill of death?" Ye Wanwan looked at Eleven, eager to hear more.

"That's right," Eleven said, "the skill of death, as the name implies, is used to murder a person. Once honed to perfection, each move and form can take away a person's life. The moves are vicious and ordinary folks are unable to resist it."

Ye Wanwan pondered for a moment. "Then what if... the skill of death meets a gun?"

Eleven choked. "..." I must really learn how to answer her questions...

"Can the skill of death block bullets?" Ye Wanwan asked with complete seriousness.

Eleven started sweating. "I guess... that's quite impossible..."

"Is the skill of death so powerful that it can block all firearms...?" Ye Wanwan asked again.

Eleven was speechless once again. "I don't... think so..."

"Then why don't you just give me a gun?" Ye Wanwan looked at him oddly.

*cough cough...* "Miss Wanwan, you can't put it that way. No matter how great a gun is, it's considered an external force, but if you pick up martial arts, you can rely on yourself... you see, a gun may go off accidentally, it may be lost and the bullets may also run out, but once you master the art of Kungfu, it'll help you throughout your life. Miss Wanwan, do you see the logic in this?"

"No, I'm very careful! I won't lose a gun and will take care of it properly so it'll never go off by accident. It's true that the bullets may run out, so you should just give me more so I won't have any shortages, right?" Ye Wanwan answered seriously.

At that moment, Eleven stared at Ye Wanwan, completely speechless The corners of his lips twitched like he wanted to say something but nothing came out of his mouth in the end...

*cough cough...* Eleven changed the subject: "Miss Wanwan, it's getting late. Let's go to the training room to practice martial arts..."

Finally, Eleven had no choice but to change the subject because if the conversation went on, he would lose his mind.

Ye Wanwan and Eleven walked side-by-side towards the training room.

While making their way there, many bodyguards doing their morning exercises greeted Eleven.

"Good morning, Captain Eleven."

"Hey, Captain ."

A number of bodyguards gathered together and sneered when they saw Eleven, emphasizing the word "captain."

Eleven knitted his brows.

"Tsk, why's he acting all cocky now - does he really think he's our head captain?"

"Jokes aside, it'll be the head captain assessment soon. I wonder how long he can occupy this post for."

"There's going to be a good show during the head captain's assessment this time. I heard captain Liu Ying trained several new recruits who're pretty good, ready to fight over the post of division captain. At that point, Eleven might not even be able to keep his original post as a leader and won't be able to even dream about being the head captain. Who is he to take this post anyway?"

"But I'm really curious - Eleven has been with that woman, Ye Wanwan, every day lately... could it be that he's trying to win favor with her to keep his post as head captain?"

"Tsk tsk, are you kidding me? The head captain assessment is an open competition and the strongest will take on the role of head captain; it doesn't rely on the opinion of a certain someone."

"That woman is definitely a little weird; even captain Liu Ying was injured by her. Could it be... Eleven's planning to ask her to teach him a move or two?" a certain bodyguard speculated.

Hearing that, the other bodyguards started laughing.

"That woman only has brute force, that's all. That night at the bar, if it wasn't for master's sake, captain Liu Ying would've beaten her to death with a single punch!"

"That's true. That woman has our master to back her up, after all. Captain Liu Ying wouldn't dare to lay a finger on her. Aside from Ye Wanwan, if an ordinary person isn't allowed to retaliate, they would also be badly injured no matter how strong they were."


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