Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 535: Sounds formidable

Chapter 535: Sounds formidable

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From 1 kilometer to 3 kilometers to 5 kilometers to 10 kilometers, Eleven and the bodyguard went from helpless to surprised to astonished. At the end of it, they were completely dumbstruck.

Eleven looked at the stopwatch in his hands and took a big gulp then he glanced at his master.

How does she even need three months?

She just got accustomed to the 1-kilometer run, yet she's already become so vigorous and lively?

This is just... too twisted...

Actually, he also assumed Ye Wanwan was simply stronger than ordinary people at first, but he hadn't expected her stamina would be so terrifying as well.

So he really... didn't have anything to teach her...

Alas, while Eleven was deep in thought, he met Ye Wanwan's glistening eyes. "Coach Eleven, I'm done running! What are we learning next?"

Eleven choked and turned to his master with a pleading gaze.

Si Ye Han looked at the girl beside him and asked, "What would you like to learn?"

Ye Wanwan immediately said, "Obviously I want to learn real combat skills! Just running alone is too boring!"

Si Ye Han: "Let Eleven take you to the training grounds."

Ye Wanwan nodded continuously. "Great, great! Baby, you don't have to accompany me anymore. It's time for your acupuncture, so I'll head over to Dr. Sun's when I'm done with training!"

Si Ye Han: "En."

Eleven, who hadn't been able to refute from beginning till the end, "..."


Training grounds:

It was bright and early and the gentle breeze was comforting and satisfying, sweeping away all traces of weariness.

"Coach Eleven, I'm here!" Ye Wanwan had changed into her sportswear and tied her long black hair into a ponytail, looking bold and prepared.

"Right..." Eleven looked at Ye Wanwan and nodded reluctantly.

"Coach Eleven, what are we doing today?" Ye Wanwan asked eagerly.

*cough* "Let's do this - I'll teach you some fighting techniques!" After a moment's deliberation, Eleven made up his mind.

That night at the bar, Ye Wanwan's main advantage was her strength. If she learned some fighting techniques, her fighting skills would definitely be even better.

Ye Wanwan was extremely excited. "Coach Eleven's fighting techniques are said to be some of the best among all the bodyguards, right?"

Hearing that, Eleven went blank. He wanted to speak but kept quiet.

Before he became a bodyguard, he was very confident about his fighting skills and never feared anyone; he even challenged the captain of the bodyguards several times before.

However, he was always defeated by Liu Ying without any hope of retaliation.

After that, Eleven realized his fighting skills and stamina were only second best.

Although it had always been his dream to be the head captain, he had never been able to fulfill it; Liu Ying was like an unmoving mountain, blocking his way...

Also, he was head captain now but only for a while. Soon enough, it'd be time for the head captain assessment and he would still be defeated by Liu Ying like before.

This temporary status of head captain wasn't glorious at all to Eleven - it was like a curse, reminding and ridiculing him constantly...

"Coach Eleven?" Ye Wanwan noticed Eleven's expression and knitted her brows.

"Oh... it's nothing." Eleven returned to his senses and composed himself. He looked at Ye Wanwan dressed in sportswear and said, "'Martial arts' are how the westerners call it, but in our country, we call it Kungfu - a method using fists and feet or bladed weapons to strike a severe blow to your enemies."

"Sounds impressive," Ye Wanwan mumbled.

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