Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 534: As long as you're within my line of sight

Chapter 534: As long as you're within my line of sight

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As for the bodyguard at the back, his face was in a daze when he watched how Ye Wanwan, who had barely completed the first kilometer, acted like a spoiled girl.

Not to mention Eleven, but even Great White, who was behind Si Ye Han, raised its eyebrows as though it was expressing its disdain.

Ye Wanwan knew she had never run a kilometer in her life, but at the moment she was merely whining so she quickly spoke up, "No no, I'll keep running. At worst I'll just run slower!"

Si Ye Han frowned.

Ye Wanwan showed him her best puppy eyes. "Baby, you get on the car too! That way, I can look at you and run with even more energy!"

Si Ye Han revealed a serious look. "You sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I can keep going for a bit longer; for some reason, when I saw you..."

Hearing her words, Si Ye Han's complexion turned much gentler.

With that said, Si Ye Han got into the car as well. The car drove ahead slowly while Ye Wanwan followed along behind.

The bodyguard was in a complete state of confusion as he was unable to connect the murderous devil woman from the other night to the frail sister in front of him who couldn't even complete one kilometer.

"Hey Cap'n, are you sure they're the same person?" The bodyguard couldn't hold it in and asked Eleven quietly.

Right as Eleven was about to speak, his gaze changed slightly. "You slowed down the car?"

The bodyguard shook his head, "No, why?"

Eleven muttered to himself, "If you didn't slow down, it means that... Miss Wanwan's picking up speed..."

The bodyguard, who was driving, was stunned for a moment then he took a glance in his rearview mirror. "Wow, it's true! She's catching up to my car... ah... she overtook us..."

While they were conversing, Ye Wanwan ran in front of the car.

Ye Wanwan yelled to the people in the car while running: "Eh? Don't slow down! I have to be able to see your master in front of me - otherwise, I can't run!"

"Uh... got it!" The bodyguard looked a little flushed and quickly sped up.

Wait, we absolutely didn't slow down, okay?

Damn! Something's not right... why's she moving faster and faster?

According to their observations, Ye Wanwan had already reached her limit and under such circumstances, a normal person couldn't run any faster, so why was she running even faster?

"Could it be that that's how her body reacts when it reaches its limit?"

Sometimes when a person's body reached its limit, there'd be a period when their steps felt lighter but this would only happen for a very short while, just like the radiance of a setting sun.

Eleven and the bodyguard had roughly the same theory in mind but slowly, their expressions started to change...

In the blink of an eye, Ye Wanwan had run 3 kilometers without stopping at all.

Eleven looked in the distance and was about to shout "stop," but Ye Wanwan had already sprinted far away.

"9th master...?" Eleven turned to Si Ye Han to ask for instructions.

In the end, his master's eyes were focused on the girl running behind the car and he didn't seem to have any intentions of stopping her.

Thus, Eleven kept silent and kept watching.

To Ye Wanwan's surprise, she realized she hadn't collapsed and her steps became lighter and faster. She couldn't help but look at Si Ye Han in shock. "Ah, baby, this is really helpful! I realized that as long as you're within my line of sight, I won't feel tired at all! It's amazing!"

Si Ye Han sat in the car with his forehead resting on his hand. He looked at her high-spirited little face and a subtle smile flashed across his face.

Eleven and a certain bodyguard who were being force-fed with dog food: "..."

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