Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 533: Can't you tell that someone couldn't bear to let her suffer?

Chapter 533: Can't you tell that someone couldn't bear to let her suffer?

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This was probably the most challenging task he'd ever undertaken.


What should I teach her? How do I even teach her?

Thinking back, why's master giving me harder and harder tasks consecutively lately...

Seeing that Eleven was standing there like he had a bad headache, Ye Wanwan blinked and asked apologetically, "Coach, what is it? Am I too lousy and difficult to train?"

Eleven: "..."

It's not about whether it's difficult or not anymore...

Eleven was on his last breath as he glanced in the direction of his master nearby - he was casually leaning in his chair, completely unaware of Eleven's sorrowful gaze.

Eleven didn't have a choice. He braced himself and asked, "How about this, Miss Wanwan - from what I observed and understand, you rarely exercise normally, so why don't we start from the basics to increase your stamina?"

"Sure!" Ye Wanwan was agreeable.

"Then, since today's the first day, you should run eight..." Eleven was about to say eight kilometers when he received a piercing glare from his master.

So he changed course: "You should run five..."

That threatening gaze remained...

Eleven could only change once again: "Three kilometers!"

Master, you were the one who wanted me to complete this task in three months. Now that training's begun, you think it's too tough?

Ten kilometers was simply a warm up to him; he hadn't even said ten kilometers and actually dropped it to eight, yet that was still...

With this training regime, how can I possibly complete training in three months? Eleven's heart felt so torn...

Ye Wanwan: "Alright!"

Ye Wanwan started running and Eleven went into the car, slowly following her.

He definitely had to be with her from beginning till end, but too bad... his leg was broken and could only resort to using a car that was similar to a buggy and needed someone else to drive.

The environment around Jin garden was clear and crisp. It was great for running.

In the driver's seat, the bodyguard couldn't help but voice his opinion: "Sigh, Captain, isn't three kilometers too short a distance?"

Eleven revealed a look of helplessness. "Can't you tell that someone couldn't bear to let her suffer? How could I make Miss Wanwan run any further?!"

In response, the bodyguard looked speechless...

Couldn't bear to?

Are you kidding?

With her capabilities, isn't running three kilometers equivalent to playing? What's there to be so torn about?

In the end....

Before completing her first kilometer, Ye Wanwan was already on the verge of collapsing...

Although she made a solemn vow to improve her skills, the process was far more difficult than she imagined.

Due to not exercising for a long time, Ye Wanwan started dragging her feet as though they were as heavy as lead. She felt as though her throat had been coated by ash, causing every breath to pull at her lungs so badly that it became extremely painful. Her sore muscles that hadn't fully recovered became even sorer; she felt her entire body undergoing unbearable pain.

Si Ye Wan sat comfortably in the garden that Ye Wanwan occasionally passed while running.

Originally, Ye Wanwan was able to persevere, but once she passed by the garden and saw Si Ye Han, a momentary weakness instantly sapped away her resolve. She glanced over at the man with a pitiful look in her eyes. "Baby, can we lessen the intensity of the training? I can't run any further, it hurts...."

Si Ye Han looked at her adorable yet pale face and he stood up immediately to walk over. "Where does it hurt?"

"My chest, my calves and my ankles hurt...." Ye Wanwan's manner of speech became increasingly distraught.

From the side, Eleven got out of the car and explained himself, "9th Master, this is a normal circumstance from not working out for a long time. There's no need..."

Si Ye Han spoke as though he hadn't heard Eleven: "We'll end it here for today."

Eleven: "...."

Master! My training plan is already extremely difficult to carry out! I beg you to please stop interferring with it!

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