Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 532: His girlfriend is too cute

Chapter 532: His girlfriend is too cute

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When Ye Wanwan heard that question, her heart started thumping again and she asked nervously, "Who...?"

"That friend of yours, 9th Si," Han Xian Yu replied.

Ye Wanwan was stunned - Han Xian Yu actually recognized Si Ye Han? Then aren't I in danger too?

However, Si Ye Han's personality was too unique - it wasn't surprising he was recognized instantly.

On the other end, Han Xian Yu continued, "He came with his girlfriend and sat behind us. But there were many people there so I didn't say hi."

From Han Xian Yu's tone, he probably hadn't recognized her and she heaved a sigh of relief. "What a coincidence!"

"I saw he was quite loving towards his girlfriend and I was slapped with a face of dog sh*t. I couldn't believe that your friend who's always so distant and indifferent could actually be so passionate with his girlfriend!" Han Xian Yu exclaimed in surprise.

Huh? Si Ye Han was... passionate?

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched and she turned to a certain ice sculpture next to her and said seriously, "That must be because his girlfriend's too cute!"

Han Xian Yu laughed. "Maybe so. As the saying goes, even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman! Before, I almost thought... the two of you had that kind of relationship!"

Ye Wanwan choked and said in a stern voice once again, "You were overthinking things; we just enjoy messing around once in a while!"

"I guess so." Han Xian Yu said, "Then I'll talk to you again soon, see you. Let me know when you'll be back at the apartment, and I'll give you the entry tickets."

"Alright, thank you and thank Xin-jie for me too!" Ye Wanwan stopped rejecting his offer.

After she hung up, Ye Wanwan patted her chest, relieved her disguise carried her through. "Thank goodness, thank goodness, luckily you reacted swiftly and Han Xian Yu only managed to see you but not me. This was a blessing in disguise - it also got rid of the rumors of us being gay!"

When Si Ye Han heard the last line, his expression revealed a slight unhappiness.

It was obvious a certain someone didn't want this scandal to go away...


Two days later, Eleven finished all his missions and recovered somewhat from his injuries, so Ye Wanwan officially started training under Eleven.

She still needed to attend the Golden Orchid award presentation tonight.

In the courtyard, Si Ye Han sat in the shade nearby, drinking milk while a white tiger laid next to him.

He used to drink a cup of coffee or rich tea daily, but these weren't allowed by Ye Wanwan so he had to switch to milk.

Currently, Eleven stood in front of Si Ye Han, asking for instructions. "9th master, may I know... to what extent should Miss Wanwan's training go?"

Si Ye Han placed his pink cup down lightly. "In three months, make her body strong enough to match her skills."

Eleven knitted his brows slightly. "Three months? Wouldn't that be too intense?"

Si Ye Han replied plainly, "No."

Eleven could only agree to it: "Alright."

After he received his orders, Eleven waited at the nearby training ground he prepared at the last minute for Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan changed into a light outfit. Like before, she walked a couple of circles around Great White until she was able to sneakily touch his hair. Only after doing so would she be satisfied.

After touching Great White, Ye Wanwan ran to Eleven excitedly. "Coach, I'm ready. What are we learning today?"

Eleven looked at Ye Wanwan being so obedient. He silently glanced at his own broken leg and had an indescribable look on his face...

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