Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 551: Grandmaster's standards

Chapter 551: Grandmaster's standards

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"You're just scaring her?" Han Xian Yu asked.

Ye Wanwan raised her brows. "What do you think?"

Although Han Xian Yu didn't say anything, he obviously thought Ye Wanwan was simply scaring her.

After a song and dance performance in the middle of the ceremony, it was finally time for the Best Actress award.

Several of the nominated films were shown in the slides.

Fang Min, "A Letter from Paris."

Qi Mei Lin, "My Mother."

Shen Rou, "Deep in the Palace."

Qiao Ke Xin, "Legend of the Quiet Girl."


The male and female hosts were echoing one another.

Man: "Oh goodness! This is too exciting! Who will the best actress be this time?"

Woman: "Cut the suspense and announce it right now! We can't wait any longer!"

Man: "Why don't you give it a guess?"

Woman: "This is too hard to guess. I really can't do it - can you give us a hint?"

The two hosts kept going on and on and didn't reveal who it was, causing the audience to be so anxious that they stretched their necks in anticipation, but it was evident that this was the effect the organizers wanted.

The big screen on stage was divided into four sections and live reactions of the four nominees were on the screen for everyone to see.

As they were almost done setting the stage, the male host finally relented: "Alright, since it's a request from a beauty, I'll give you a little hint - the recipient's name has... three syllables!"

The female host immediately exclaimed, "Wow, that's a big hint! Does that mean the winner is either Qi Mei Lin or Qiao Ke Xin, huh?"

Following the host's words, there was an uproar in the audience and everyone turned in the direction of Qiao Ke Xin and Qi Mei Lin.

This hint wasn't only big - it was directly announcing the winner, right?

Qiao Ke Xin's face darkened. No matter who the winner was, she just didn't want Qi Mei Lin, her arch-enemy, to win.

But now that the outcome was confirmed, she knew without thinking that Qi Mei Lin would definitely ridicule her after the award recipient was announced.

As for Qi Mei Lin, Ye Yiyi, Gu Yue Ze, and the other artists from Emperor Sky Entertainment seated in front, there were wide smiles across their faces and Qi Mei Lin almost couldn't conceal the excitement inside.

The artists seating next to her even started to congratulate her.

Lin Jia Yin smiled and said, "Lin-jie, congratulations!"

Qi Mei Lin glanced behind her then purposefully said out loud, "Don't congratulate me yet - the result isn't out yet. Maybe the best actress will be Qiao Ke Xin, huh!"

As the cameras were on them right now, Qiao Ke Xin didn't bother fighting with her at this moment and could only suppress the anger in her heart.

From the moment she debuted, nobody appreciated the effort and hard work she put in. People only knew how to insult her and she was even starting to wonder whether all the effort she put in was worth it...

Han Xian Yu looked somewhat awkward as he smiled bitterly. "Didn't think that Emperor Sky Entertainment would clinch both awards..."

Ye Wanwan was annoyed. "Hey, don't you guys have any trust in the grandmaster's (my) skills at all?"

Qiao Ke Xin knew Ye Wanwan was simply trying to cheer her up but that really couldn't alleviate her frustration at the moment.

Maybe she shouldn't have had any ridiculous hopes of becoming a successful actress and building a career from the beginning; maybe she should just continue being a flower vase, continuing to strive to make money...

"Alright, alright, enough with the suspense. If we go on, you guys will probably start throwing eggs at us. Next, let's welcome our previous Best Actress, Qiu Yue, great beauty Qiu, to reveal the answer!"

Actually, the hint from the host just now was already equivalent to announcing the result and everyone was no longer so anxious anymore.

Qiu Yue stood in front of the microphone and opened the envelope in her hands. In the next second, a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes. She paused for a moment before continuing, "The 46th Golden Orchids, Best Actress award goes to..."

Following Qiu Yue's announcement, Qi Mei Lin responded to everyone's congratulatory wishes while she pushed aside the hair on her forehead and stood up slowly.

——"Best Actress Award goes to... 'Legend of the Quiet Girl,' Qiao Ke Xin!!!"

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