Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 529: Failed flirtation

Chapter 529: Failed flirtation

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The two of them spoke very softly, but Ye Wanwan could more or less guess what they were saying.

Listening up to this point, black lines formed on her forehead.


Qiao Ke Xin and Han Xian Yu actually came to watch the movie sneakily at night and I just happened to bump into them...

After figuring out their identities, Ye Wanwan quickly moved backward and hid. "Damn... just my luck... actually bumping into Qiao Ke Xin and Han Xian Yu just by coming out for a movie..."

"What is it?" Si Ye Han noticed Ye Wanwan's frantic expression and looked at her. "Don't you like the female lead?"

Ye Wanwan whined, "Yes! If I was disguised as a man, I would go up and say hello. But the problem is that I'm a girl right now! I'm dead if she finds out!"

She then leaned closer to Si Ye Han and smiled as sweetly as possible. "Of course, if baby won't get jealous or angry, it's fine even if I'm exposed!"

Si Ye Han gave that little sly fox some side-eye and replied, "Hide yourself well."

"..." Ye Wanwan's head drooped in an instant. Sigh, I knew it was impossible...

Following that, the two of them continued watching the movie.

Most of the couples watching the movie had other plans in mind - they started kissing and hugging halfway through the movie.

While for Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han, Ye Wanwan was so serious about the movie that she almost started taking notes while Si Ye Han kept a cold expression the whole time while his eyes were focused on the screen. They came for the movie and they were really there to watch the movie.

Seated next to Ye Wanwan was a young couple hugging and getting intimate. "Hng, why are their eyes glued to the screen? Is Qiao Ke Xin that nice to watch?"

"No, no, how could Qiao Ke Xin possibly be nicer to watch than you?!"

"Liar! Didn't you say Qiao Ke Xin's your goddess?"

"That's not true - my goddess is obviously you, alright? How could I ever have a goddess other than you! Qiao Ke Xin can't even compare to the tip of your finger!"

Ye Wanwan's lips twitched when she heard that. Um, my friend, your survival skills are quite something ...

The girl seemed to be placated and was happy again as she pecked the guy's cheek. "That's more like it!"

Watching this pair of lovebirds, Ye Wanwan cupped her chin with her hand and realized she seemed to have neglected Si Ye Han.

Should I act cute or something too?

Hence, Ye Wanwan coughed lightly and turned to Si Ye Han. "Baby, do you think Qiao Ke Xin is pretty?"

Si Ye Han's eyes left the screen and looked at Ye Wanwan. From his expression, it looked like he thought her question to be somewhat lame but he still responded, "Didn't pay much attention."

"Huh? Then what have you been watching?" Ye Wanwan was confused.

Si Ye Han: "Although this movie is fiction, the era featured in the movie was the Song dynasty. However, there were many mistakes in terms of the costumes and props used..."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

You won...

Ye Wanwan's "acting cute" scheme ended right there and then.

Just as she was criticizing her own boyfriend's EQ, the young couple next to her knocked over the popcorn in their hands and the popcorn scattered all over the front row...


"What happened?!"

The audience in the front row turned their heads and complained, including these two people: Qiao Ke Xin and Han Xian Yu.

Things happened way too fast. Ye Wanwan hadn't expected it at all, so she wasn't prepared to hide. Just like that, she watched as Qiao Ke Xin and Han Xian Yu turned around...


I'm screwed!

Damn it!

Just as Ye Wanwan's heart started racing, a shadow covered her.

Si Ye Han's icy lips landed on hers. His wide palm pushed the back of her head forward, blocking her from view... 

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