Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 530: High IQ to offset the low EQ

Chapter 530: High IQ to offset the low EQ

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He was so close to her that she could smell his breath. His cool, thin lips enveloped hers and she was momentarily shrouded by his cold, raw breath.

All this happened in one second.

When Ye Wanwan realized she was being kissed all of a sudden, she was stunned and her eyes were wide-open with shock.

Her heart started racing uncontrollably.

Si Ye Han's eyes were open too. His forehead lightly touched hers; his warm breath and her ambiguous feelings intertwined while his eyes locked onto hers.

Ye Wanwan was faced with his bottomless eyes and her heart inexplicably started to pound faster and faster as if it wanted to escape from this feeling of almost losing control. She whispered, "Oh... baby... you're... so smart..."

So what if he doesn't have enough EQ? He can use his IQ to offset it, right?

Si Ye Han stared at her for a second without speaking and leaned over once again...

This time, the kiss wasn't just like a dragonfly skimming across the water. Instead, he opened her lips with his tongue and kissed her hard as if he was trying to dominate a territory...

In the front row, Qiao Ke Xin looked at the couple, unaffected by everything and kissing fiercely; she shrugged and didn't think much of it.

As for Han Xian Yu, aside from feeling somewhat awkward when he saw them, a flash of suspicion appeared subtly in his eyes...

With one glance, he found that the man looked quite familiar, similar to Ye Bai's friend he met that one time.

As Ye Bai's friend had a truly unique disposition, Han Xian Yu felt that he couldn't be mistaken for somebody else even with just a quick glance.

However, he didn't manage to see the girl next to him who was being covered...

Uh, he almost misunderstood his relationship with Ye Bai previously, but now it seemed very clear what this person's sexual orientation was.

However, he really wanted to know what kind of girl could make an ice-cold and distant man so passionate and behave so disinhibited in a place like the cinema, acting like other normal young couples.

Obviously, no matter how curious Han Xian Yu was, it wasn't nice if he kept staring at the couple being intimate. After a short while, he coughed lightly and turned around.

Si Ye Han's kiss continued. Ye Wanwan was forced into a corner and she felt the air in her chest depleting; her head was muddled by the lack of oxygen.

Ye Wanwan noticed from the corner of her eyes that Qiao Ke Xin and Han Xian Yu had already turned back. Her breathing got heavy. She blinked, subtly moved backward and said, "That... that's enough already..."

Si Ye Han's light panting stopped but his gaze never left her little face; it was almost like there were flames in his dark eyes, looking extremely menacing.

Ye Wanwan blinked and swallowed nervously.

Si Ye Han lifted his arm. His long, slender fingers lightly brushed against the girl's red and swollen lips then slid smoothly down her arm and held her little hand as their fingers intertwined. After that, he turned to her again and planted kisses on her lips...

One gentle kiss after another landed on her but this made her heart thump even harder than Si Ye Han's strong and forceful style earlier...

Ye Wanwan had to admit that although he had lousy skills, his ability to adapt was too quick...

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