Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 528: A chance encounter

Chapter 528: A chance encounter

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Shortly after, the movie started playing on the big screen.

The movie showed scenes from a distant view of green hills and clear water to the bustling main street in Chang An, instantly transporting the audience to a period of flourishing prosperity.

After that, an old, interesting and secluded little courtyard was projected along with a number of water lilies dancing gently in the breeze and koi fish swimming among them. In a window, Qiao Ke Xin was dressed in a white ancient costume with her eyes were lowered as she sat there quietly doing embroidery.

When the first scene appeared, everyone's eyes lit up in front of the screen.

For those who were accustomed to Qiao Ke Xin's pretty and flirtatious image, this was the first time seeing her sweet-tempered and gentle side.

One would definitely think of the phrase "the tenderness when she looks down resembles a lotus flower shying from the cold breeze."

Ye Wanwan couldn't help but cup her starry-eyed face. "Aiya, aiya, my goddess looks great even in these clothes, but I'm looking forward more to her character as an empress!"

Si Ye Han was looking at the screen with his hand holding his head on one side. He looked sideways at his girlfriend who was completely starstruck with a woman at this moment.

Ye Wanwan sat upright. All her attention was on admiring her goddess.

This movie, "Legend of the Quiet Girl," told the life story of a young lady who kept to herself but later became an empress; she remained single, dedicating her life to the country and gaining power.

The female lead in the plot transformed from a naive and innocent 16-year-old teen to an empress in middle to old age. From beginning till end, Qiao Ke Xin was the only one acting this character; this level of acting was very challenging.

Female artists with a similar image to Qiao Ke Xin mostly had to act in ugly roles in order to get any mainstream awards; they would have to act as either an educated youth from the countryside or a pitiful mother - this would then allow their acting to stand out.

This time, Qiao Ke Xin's image in the plot was clearly unpopular with the masses. The storyline was also commercialized and with her naturally tanned body, this movie was criticized by many.

However, as a commercial film, it was obviously a success. With Qiao Ke Xin as the main lead and Han Xian Yu's song for the closing credits, the box office sales broke several records and the song took the top spot of many great music charts.

At this moment in the theatres, everyone's eyes were glued to the screen. They had a pretty good impression of the movie.

Si Ye Han's attitude was also better than Ye Wanwan imagined and he didn't look like he was very bored.

Ye Wanwan couldn't hold it in and asked, "Baby, how do you feel about this movie?"

Si Ye Han replied: "Not bad."

When Ye Wanwan heard that, her eyes glistened instantly. Si Ye Han actually said it's not bad - no wonder Qiao Ke Xin won an award!

Ye Wanwan was about to speak when her ears pricked up. She heard someone mentioning her alternate-ego name, "Ye Bai"...


What the h***? Did I hear wrong? Or does someone else have the same name...

Ye Wanwan looked over at the first row and saw a guy and a girl. In the dark, she could see that the two of them had masks on.

Wearing a mask at the movies? Also, why do the backs of these two people look somewhat familiar?

Ye Wanwan grew more suspicious and she leaned forward slightly, trying her best to eavesdrop...

"Ye Bai...? You mean that little handsome guy who really knew how to flirt?"

*cough cough* "Yes, maybe what Ye Bai said will come true, huh! I think your film isn't bad; so what if it's a commercial movie? Who said commercial movies can't win awards?"

"Tsk, almost everyone told me not to get my hopes up because they're worried I'll be disappointed. That little handsome guy was the first person who had so much faith in me and said I would definitely get the best actress award..."

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