Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 527: So sweet

Chapter 527: So sweet

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After getting the popcorn and Coke, Ye Wanwan returned to Si Ye Han. "Baby, the cotton candy from that shop is really good - I'll go get some for you to try! Wait for me!"

Ye Wanwan then ran off like the wind towards the most crowded area.

The place selling cotton candy was indeed quite popular; there was a snaking queue. Ye Wanwan joined the queue and shortly after, she was sandwiched between a bunch of men and couples.

Si Ye Han's dark eyes were fixated on her and after some time, he slowly stood up...

Ye Wanwan went up on her tiptoes to see how many people were in the queue when a shadow suddenly appeared next to her.

She turned her head instinctively and realized Si Ye Han had come over.

"Eh? What is it? When did you come over?" Ye Wanwan asked in confusion. She assumed Si Ye Han was looking for her for something.

Si Ye Han took the popcorn and Coke in her hands without any expression then said, "Go there and sit."

"Ah?" Ye Wanwan still didn't understand what Si Ye Han meant.

Si Ye Han: "I'll line up."

Ye Wanwan blinked and blinked again. She was in complete disbelief.

The classy, indifferent, unhumanly Si Ye Han actually has an... earthly side...

Even he knew this was something a boyfriend should do...

Ye Wanwan returned to her senses after a while and quickly said, "It's okay, I'll do it! You should sit down and rest!"

"I'm not that weak. Si Ye Han stood his ground.

Ye Wanwan didn't have a choice but to hug his arm. "We'll line up together then!"

This time, Si Ye Han didn't have a rebuttal.

It was finally their turn and Ye Wanwan happily bought some gigantic and colorful cotton candy.

Si Ye Han looked at the huge cotton candy that was even bigger than his face. "Can we finish that?"

Sigh, and I was just thinking he has an earthly side...

Ye Wanwan explained helplessly, "Don't worry, we'll definitely finish it. It's just cotton candy - it's very soft and light. It disappears the moment it enters your mouth; it only looks huge!"

After Ye Wanwan spoke, she took the cotton candy from the young lady who kept staring at Si Ye Han.

"You'll understand when you take a bite!" Ye Wanwan placed the cotton candy in front of Si Ye Han's mouth eagerly.

Si Ye Han frowned. It was obvious he couldn't accept such weird food.

Ye Wanwan noticed Si Ye Han wasn't moving and she couldn't wait, so she took a huge bite from the other side of the cotton candy. "Oh, so sweet!"

Si Ye Han went closer to try it and indeed, it melted the moment it entered his mouth. He had never tried anything so novel before.

Ye Wanwan probed eagerly, "How is it? Sweet?"

Si Ye Han stared her bright eyes. "En."

Just after they finished the cotton candy, the movie started so the two of them got up and entered the theatre.

Ye Wanwan introduced the movie excitedly: "This is a film starring Qiao Ke Xin - she's the Golden Globe winner for the best actress award this year. It's really worth a watch..."

Ye Wanwan suddenly remembered that the Golden Globe ceremony hadn't happened and the prize hadn't been awarded in this life yet - it was due to take place in three days - so she quickly said, *cough cough cough* "I heard the news internally that the winner would be Qiao Ke Xin, not sure whether that's true. Anyway, I think this movie isn't bad..."

Phew, almost exposed myself...

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