Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 515: Not allowed to fight

Chapter 515: Not allowed to fight

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Eleven, who was feeling despair and fear, also realized this point.

He just couldn't believe that this sweet girl could actually transform into a god of murder so suddenly and become so scary.

It wasn't like how she was on the trip to country B - that was a complete act.

Everyone looked dazed, unable to comprehend that this person was the sweet and whiny girl who lived with them.

Before Ye Wanwan made her final, fatal blow, Xu Yi stepped forward and shielded Eleven. "Miss Wanwan! Don't!"

Ye Wanwan paused. She stared at Xu Yi with a blank gaze and hesitated in midair for a brief moment.

Xu Yi heaved a sigh of relief. "Wan..."

However, before he could complete his sentence, he was sent flying with a kick.

Xu Yi landed on the floor near Liu Ying.

"Xu Yi! Damn it..." Seeing her cold gaze directed straight at him, getting closer and closer to him with each step, Eleven froze like he had just been submerged in an ice bath.

"Swish——" the girl didn't need any weapons - her four limbs and body were her sharpest weapons.

A razor-like attack came from her hands and Eleven gritted his teeth. He could only force himself to stand up and fight, blocking a terrifying attack from her.

The two of them started fighting once again...

Strictly speaking, Ye Wanwan was attacking Eleven while Eleven was only defending himself.

The adrenaline rush he got from his near-death experience didn't last long - Eleven slowly made more and more mistakes during combat; he couldn't hold on for much longer. Also, the girl's murderous intent became stronger. She struck a fatal blow to his chest...

Eleven stood on the ground unsteadily and closed his eyes in despair...

"Miss Wanwan!" Not far off, Xu Yi shouted uncontrollably, in a panic.

"Eleven!" Song Jing and Liu Ying's faces changed.

At this very moment, a sudden burst of sound came and a huge pressure collided with the girl's body.

Time seemed to stop at that moment.

The bone-breaking pain Eleven was anticipating didn't happen.

He opened his eyes in a cold sweat and he saw a tall and slender figure who appeared out of nowhere. He was standing there with his back to the light with his palm locked firmly around the girl's wrist, blocking that fatal blow.

Si Ye Han's entire body looked as if it brought along the wind and snow from a piercingly cold place. His dark gaze swept across all the guards on the floor then stopped on the girl in front of him. His face was extremely rigid.

"9th... 9th master..." Xu Yi and the others looked in Si Ye Han's direction.

Ye Wanwan seemed sluggish as she looked at her own wrist that was being gripped forcefully. Tracing the cool palm upwards, her eyes reached the face of the man before her. In her vacant, black pupils, there was a reflection of the man's silhouette.

The girl seemed to despise this feeling of being imprisoned as her brows suddenly furrowed dangerously.

Xu Yi and the others had their hearts in their throats when they saw this. "9th master! Be careful! Miss Wanwan isn't herself..."

Si Ye Han glared at the hostile girl. It was like there was a storm brewing in his eyes and he was using every ounce of strength to suppress the explosive anger in his chest. Under the girl's increasingly menacing gaze, he put a sudden force on her wrist and in the next second, he pressed her warm body into his embrace and spat out ice-cold words: "Didn't I tell you before that you're not allowed to fight?!"

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