Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 516: I'm not the one who changed

Chapter 516: I'm not the one who changed

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Seeing his own master actually hugging a violent god of murder, Xu Yi was scared out of his wits.

"9th... 9th master..."

It's dangerous!

Ye Wanwan stared at the man's face which looked even more stunning when he was in a rage like he'd gone to hell and back. The violence and murderous intent in her eyes slowly subsided like the tide.

"Ah-Jiu..." The girl's bone-chilling and threatening aura dissipated instantly like she knew she was finally safe. Her body left combat mode and relaxed instantly from being severely overworked.

Even though Si Ye Han's expression was still extremely icy, the way he carried her by her waist was very gentle.

"Xu Yi, send that girl back and block off all news from tonight's incident." Si Ye Han ordered then picked up Ye Wanwan and strode away.

Seeing Ye Wanwan being carried away by his master like she was a harmless little kitten, everyone was stunned for a long time before letting out a huge sigh of relief. They looked like they had just been given a second chance in life.

Eleven had been so nervous that everything that happened was a blur. He was still in a daze. I was saved?

That was just... terrifying...

He had never felt such an overwhelming sense of murder and evil even from world-class mercenaries and disciples from influential ancient martial artists.

But from his master's expression, although he was mad, he didn't look surprised.

Master already knew about Miss Wanwan's true capabilities?

From when Ye Wanwan was disguised as Black Widow, he already knew she wasn't a simpleton. At the family meeting, she was able to block the guard from punishing Xu Yi with her bare hands - this also led him to believe she had some skills.

But tonight, her true abilities were revealed...

When Xu Yi, who was confused by his fall, heard Si Ye Han's orders, he hurriedly got up and responded, "Yes!"

Although the kick that sent him flying seemed rough, he only felt some pain around his chest - he was much better off compared to Liu Ying and Eleven's injuries.

Xu Yi stared in a daze at the retreating figures of his master carrying the girl and he inexplicitly recalled what Si Ye Han told Liu Ying before.

Master said... he likes girls that are... unparalleled...

When Xu Yi returned to his senses, he quickly arranged for someone to take Jiang Yan Ran home then blocked off all information about tonight's incident.

As for Chen Shi Jie...

After tonight, I'm afraid the Chen family will be expelled from Imperial City.

"9th... 9th master...?" The blondie curled up in the corner had been in shock, and right now, he was also dumbfounded, his face filled with disbelief.

How could that be...

She's actually Si Ye Han's woman?

No wonder she was so scary!

It's over...we're doomed...

Xu Yi didn't bother with those people - he casually walked past them and strolled up to Liu Ying who was on the verge of dying.

The news he received was that Miss Wanwan got into trouble with Chen Shi Jie and his gang at the bar.

Liu Ying and Song Jing accompanied Miss Wanwan to the bar, so how did such a major incident happen?

He knew Liu Ying too well and it wasn't difficult for him to guess what unfolded at the bar.

Xu Yi remained at the same spot and looked down at the man lying on the floor. "Liu Ying, do you remember the oath we made together that time?"

Liu Ying slowly raised his head and looked somewhat stunned.

Xu Yi looked at him calmly and spoke very carefully, enunciating each word: "Liu Ying, I'm not the one who changed. You are."

He also wasn't the one who had forgotten who he was and who he was loyal to.

Since they were once friends, he ended his speech there.

After Xu Yi said that, he abruptly left.

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