Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 514: Lost control completely

Chapter 514: Lost control completely

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Liu Ying groaned and tried his best to get up. At the same time, Song Jing didn't dare to slack off and the two of them attacked her together.

Although they both didn't know what was going on, they were certain that if they gave up at this moment, considering Ye Wanwan's terrifying fighting skills, they would be dead in a second. But if they fought...

They might be able to delay their deaths...

At the bar, some fled and hid while the others stood at the same spot, frightened and stunned as they watch this girl overturn the place all by herself...

Those two men were almost covered in blood, especially the one who looked more formidable...

At this moment, there was suddenly a pair of footsteps coming from the door.

When Eleven and Xu Yi rushed over with backup, all they saw was chaos in the bar and a floor covered with bodyguards.

Song Jing laid on the floor at his last breath while Liu Ying's bloody body had been sent flying by a kick from a delicate and weak figure. He remained on the ground, unmoving...

Who's that?! He actually injured Song Jing and Liu Ying to this state?

That figure was very swift and had a murderous and tyrannical look. She wanted to continue attacking Liu Ying who had lost all energy to resist...

"Liu Ying!!!"

When Eleven saw this, his expression changed and he didn't have time to think. He sped over and stopped that person's finishing move instantly.

The other guards behind Eleven saw the state Liu Ying and Song Jing were in and were alarmed. They quickly charged forward as well.

"Who are you?"

Eleven's arm was going numb as he glared at that weak figure.

Alas, in the next second, after he saw that girl's face clearly, he was completely shaken. "Wan... Miss Wanwan... how could it..."

Before Eleven could react, he felt a pang of pain across his forehead and could only hurry to deal with the torrential attacks from the girl.

At the same time, Xu Yi also saw who that woman was.

"Miss Wanwan? This..."

What's going on here?

How could it be Miss Wanwan?

"Miss Wanwan!" Xu Yi yelled anxiously, but it seemed like she couldn't hear him at all. On the contrary, her blood-sucking breath became thicker.

The guards Eleven brought along saw that the other party was actually Ye Wanwan and they were totally stunned. Many of them didn't dare to attack, afraid they would hurt her.

But very soon, they realized they were completely naive.

Eleven fell to the ground next to Xu Yi's feet with a loud "bang" and gold stars appeared in front of his eyes.

"Eleven! Are you alright?!" Xu Yi quickly helped him up.

Eleven clutched his ribs. "Damn... this... what's the situation here..."

Song Jing, who was a couple of steps away, replied weakly, "Not sure... Miss Wanwan became this way all of a sudden... at first, she was beating up Chen Shi Jie and his lackeys... suddenly, she started attacking me and Liu Ying as well..."

Just as the three people were speaking, the guards Eleven brought along couldn't hold on for any longer.

Eleven and Xu Yi saw that so many guards were unable to hold her down and that the deadly figure was now walking in their direction...

"Swish——" Ye Wanwan continued to attack Eleven.

It was as if the more skilled the person was, the more stirred up she would be to kill.

Liu Ying couldn't put up a fight anymore so Ye Wanwan's drive to murder was directed towards Eleven instantly.

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