Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 511: Is it thrilling enough?

Chapter 511: Is it thrilling enough?

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Run... quick, run...

Everyone's first reaction was to run...

However, this woman's movements were too swift and all of them ended up whining in pain on the ground before they could even move.


"Spare... spare me... don't kill me... don't kill me..."

The girl raised her brows and her eyes swept across all the people on the floor like she was looking at ants. It seemed as if she was very disappointed - her beautiful voice flowed out of her cherry blossom lips, "Tsk, boring..."

Not a single one of them can fight...

Within a few short minutes, it was as if she just swatted a couple flies and more than ten of those bulky bodyguards were hugging their knees, rolling in pain on the floor; the customers were also screaming in panic and the entire place was in chaos.

Through the chaos, Ye Wanwan slowly made her way towards Chen Shi Jie.

"Stop her! Stop her——" Chen Shi Jie yelled, petrified.

However, the bodyguards watched as she walked over and they all crawled backward; none of them dared to step forward.

The blondie stood a few steps away, trembling with cold sweat trickling down his back.

Following that, a cold light flashed in his eyes. His fingers reached for his back subtly and he pulled out a gun. "B****! I'll see how arrogant you can get! Surrender obediently! Ha! Hahahaha..."

Ye Wanwan raised her brows slightly when she saw this.

Just as the blondie laughed haughtily, he suddenly realized she disappeared.

What... what's going on?

Where is she?!

The blondie was stunned.

And at this moment, he suddenly felt a chill that gave him goosebumps from behind.

"That's not the way you play with... guns..." The girl's ghostly voice traveled to his ears.

"You... you-you-you..." The blondie was so terrified that his soul left his body. He was tempted to pull the trigger instinctively.

The moment he moved his finger, he realized his gun was gone and without any warning, there was a loud "bang" - the back of the blondie's hand exploded into a bloody flower.

"Ah——" The blondie's screams nearly broke through the roof.

The girl then spun the gun around her finger and looked somewhat unsatisfied. "You had the nerve to take out a toy like this?"

"Oh god! Murder... murder..."

The music stopped playing and after the customers heard the gunshot, they screamed and dispersed. The entire bar was a mess.

Ye Wanwan didn't even glance at them. She strolled casually towards the luxurious booth.

She took a seat in the soft and comfortable booth with one hand on the armrest and another holding a newly-opened bottle of red wine and poured a glass for herself. She twisted her gracefully arched neck and drained the glass in one gulp.

Currently, Chen Shi Jie was lying by her feet and had witnessed for himself how that petite girl wiped out all his lackeys and shot the blondie's hand without even blinking; he was so scared that his entire back was soaked in sweat.

*Gu du* Chen Shi Jie swallowed in fear and tried to crawl to the side slowly.

He only managed to crawl less than a step away when he felt a sharp pain in his hand.

"Ow——" Chen Shi Jie started rolling on the floor in agony.

A faint smile appeared on the girl's lips as she stepped on the guy's fractured wrist and slowly leaned forward. Her tender and beautiful lips were stained with red wine like a rose dyed with fresh blood. Her husky voice whispered into the man's ear, "What do you think? Is this thrilling enough, seductive enough now?"

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