Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 512: Sorry about that, got carried away

Chapter 512: Sorry about that, got carried away



"What do you think? Was it thrilling enough, seductive enough now?"

The girl's light and casual tone sounded like she was asking "how's the weather today," yet it made him feel as if it was a voice of death from hell.

Song Jing wanted to rush over to Ye Wanwan's rescue initially, but now it was as if his feet were nailed into the floor and his eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

"Yes… yes…"

So cool!!!

She beat up those guys so smoothly and her movements were remarkably natural; they practically made me burn up with anger.

But… what exactly is going on here?!

Why's this sweet and pretty chick suddenly acting like she got possessed by a murderous god?

He turned to his captain with a face filled with astonishment and he noticed that he was in even more shock than he was - his captain was completely dumbfounded.

The pain and terror caused Chen Shi Jie to hug his arm and groan wildly, "AH! Enough… that's enough, that's enough…"

The girl tossed the gun around in her hands like she didn't care for it and she picked up the bottle of wine next to her reluctantly. With a "crash," it hit the floor. She pressed a sharp piece of broken glass on the man's chest near his heart and said softly, "Then… would you like things to get… even more thrilling?"

The piece of broken glass was pressed against his heart, only separated by a thin piece of clothing. It glided precariously on his skin. Cold sweat covered Chen Shi Jie's forehead and his body trembled uncontrollably. "No… no more… please spare me! Please spare me… I was wrong… I really learned from my mistake… I was blind and failed to see your greatness…"

He thought he had stumbled upon a premium good this time, but who knew that the one he offended was a she-devil? Chen Shi Jie's stomach was almost green from regret.

He begged for mercy while his eyes turned to the blondie and all his lackeys to ask for help, but they hid further and further away, wishing they could disappear.

"Learned from your mistake?" The girl raised her brows.

Chen Shi Jie quickly replied, "Yes yes yes! I did, I did! I learned my mistake 1000 times over! Learned it 10000 times over!"

"Since this is the case… then forget it…" the girl said in a benevolent tone.

Chen Shi Jie heaved a huge sigh of relief when he heard that.

However, the moment she said that, Chen Shi Jie let out an even more frightful cry, "Ah ah ah ah——"

The broken piece of glass was instantly stabbed into the man's chest right under everyone's stunned gazes.

"Ah, sorry about that… got carried away… it slipped out of my hand…" the girl who appeared sweet and weak pulled out a bunch of tissues from the side and slowly wiped the blood that splattered onto her hands without a hint of warmth in her lazy eyes.

Chen Shi Jie laid on the floor and exhaled more air than he was inhaling.

Only Song Jing and Liu Ying noticed the precision with which the glass penetrated Chen Shi Jie's chest - it narrowly avoided vital blood vessels. If he had been stabbed off to the side slightly, Chen Shi Jie would've died.

There were shrieks all around the bar.

The blondie, who had been full of arrogance just now, laid among the bodyguards on the floor. The crowd retreated further away, cowering like they were looking at some freak; they didn't even dare to breathe loudly, afraid they would attract the girl's attention.

The screams caused one to be frustrated and annoyed.

Ye Wanwan slowly reached over and rubbed her temples which were on the verge of exploding. The steam she let off just now merely reduced her fury temporarily, but in just a moment, that fiery rage in her chest accompanied by the stench of blood on the floor would ignite once again…

That pain almost made her dizzy and everything around her started to spin slowly.

In the next second, Ye Wanwan held her forehead, unsteady. Her eyes scanned her surroundings…

Then her eyes became fixated in a certain direction.

Song Jing was initially still in shock, but now he was suddenly faced with a cold and threatening glare. His body stiffened instantly and his brain stopped working as he gulped. His legs started trembling…

Da… damn…

Wh-wh-why… is she looking at me…

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