Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 510: Get her! All of you!

Chapter 510: Get her! All of you!

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Song Jing already had one foot out and was about to intervene, but in the end, all he saw was Chen Shi Jie being flung right before his eyes.

From his angle, he could clearly see Chen Shi Jie's wrist being twisted at a weird angle by Ye Wanwan; it was definitely broken!

She broke it just like that!

Not only Song Jing, but Liu Ying's indifferent expression stiffened as well.

This... what just happened?

After a moment of dead silence, Chen Shi Jie's lackeys returned to their senses.

What the h***, how did that woman do that just now? How did a big man like young master Chen get beaten up and flung out?

The blondie didn't have time to think. He ran over anxiously to take a look at Chen Shi Jie's condition. "Young master Chen! Young master Chen, wake up..."

Chen Shi Jie slowly woke up but he was completely stunned and the pain from his chest and wrist made him begin wailing once again. "Ah... hand... my hand..."

The blondie glared evilly in Ye Wanwan's direction and immediately burst into a fit on the spot. "Slut! You actually dared to hit young master Chen! You're dead meat! Get her! All of you!"

Chen Shi Jie yelled as well, "Capture her! I want her life!"

Seeing his own young master being beaten up by a woman, Chen Shi Jie's bodyguards charged forward like devils and monsters towards the petite woman.

The girl stood in the same spot indifferently and didn't move an inch when she saw the people charging towards her; her drunken eyes were loaded with boredom.

It wasn't until those bodyguards almost reached her that she then turned on her toes subtly.

Three steps...

Two steps...

One step...

A "bang" reverberated through the air. She used her toe as a pivot, maneuvered 180 degrees and did a spinning kick. The bodyguard closest to her didn't even have time to make a move and flew backward from the kick.

"Ah——" Blood spewed out of the man's mouth and he was unconscious in an instant.

"F***! This... what's with this woman?"

She didn't even have any energy to resist before. How did she...

The blondie was taken aback. He took a step back instinctively then stammered, "What are you afraid of?! Get her... get her... all of you attack her at the same time!"

Nobody dared to let their guards down and they attacked like madmen.

Ye Wanwan gripped one of them and threw him directly at another attacker like she was throwing a sandbag then she turned around, as light as a feather, and kicked another man on the right.

Chen Shi Jie had at least ten bodyguards with him and each of them was highly trained. But in the end, they didn't even have the power to fight back and were sent flying one after another.

The eyes of one of the bald and burly man lit up. He moved swiftly and pounced onto Ye Wanwan from behind.

Seeing that she was completely unaware, the baldy was elated.


Alas, the second the baldy attacked, there was a "swish." It was as if she had eyes at the back of her head since her fair and soft fingers moved horizontally in a position of a karate chop. She struck his neck abruptly - his most vulnerable spot.

"Oh oh..." His throat felt as if it was being strangled by a sharp claw. The air in his chest rapidly escaped and the baldy's face swelled up into the color of a pig's liver.

Being on the verge of dying left his eyes filled with fear.

Eventually, everyone looked at the girl like they were looking at a ghost.

The girl still looked unconcerned and pleased. It was still the same face and person, yet it was as if she completely transformed into another being, spreading a terrifying and barbaric aura all around her.

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