Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 509: Awakening of power!!!

Chapter 509: Awakening of power!!!

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Probably due to the delayed effects of the hard liquor, Ye Wanwan's mind was in a whirl. She laid on the floor and gradually stopped resisting...

"Hehe, what a fine creature..."

Her clothes were stained with the pale golden alcohol, infused with the luster of white jade, causing all the men to be dazzled. The way she curled up in pain increased Chen Shi Jie's masochistic desires.

"Beautiful... too beautiful..." Chen Shi Jie reached out, extremely excited.

However, he obviously had to leave the best for last.

He would start with an appetizer.

Chen Shi Jie turned and walked in the direction of Jiang Yan Ran.

"Oh oh oh——"

At the same time, the atmosphere in the entire bar reached its climax and everyone was howling wildly.

Almost all the men were salivating and their eyes were focused in the direction of the two girls.

One was fresh and delicate while the other was extremely stunning; Chen Shi Jie truly hit the jackpot tonight...

Just as Chen Shi Jie touched Jiang Yan Ran's body, a slender hand suddenly reached out and grabbed Chen Shi Jie's wrist.

"Oh... little chick's awake?"

Seeing as Ye Wanwan was still resisting, Chen Shi Jie became even more excited and his face contorted into a sickly grimace. "Don't worry! It'll be your turn soon..."

Chen Shi Jie spoke while trying to pull his hand back.

However, he suddenly realized he couldn't even move his wrist.

He tried continuously using his strength to break away but to no avail.

What's happening...

How is this woman so strong?

It was as if he was being restrained tightly by an iron claw.

After many attempts to free himself, Chen Shi Jie's expression changed slightly.

This woman is really evil...

"Damn it, what are all of you standing there for? Don't you know how to come over and help me?" Chen Shi Jie bellowed at his lackeys, exasperated.

His lackeys looked at each other with confusion. H elp him with what?

The girl held onto Chen Shi Jie's hand tightly and he couldn't get her off no matter how he pulled, so they all thought they were teasing each other and having some fun.

"Darn it..." Chen Shi Jie felt the pain on his wrist increasing and he panicked so much that he sweated profusely when the girl lying on the floor slowly opened her eyes without any warning——

It seemed as if there was an eternal darkness and boundless icefield in her eyes without a hint of human emotion.

It sent chills down his spine...

"You..." Faced with her eyes, Chen Shi Jie's heart skipped a beat all of a sudden like he was enveloped by an overwhelming iciness that covered the skies and ground; his surroundings were all piercingly cold and his instincts caused him to widen his eyes.

In the next second, before Chen Shi Jie could return to his senses, there was a loud "crack." The bloodcurdling sound of a bone being fractured resounded.

"Ah——hand! My hand—— Ah ah ah ah ah——"

The moment Chen Shi Jie cried out in anguish, his entire body flew out like a broken kite and slammed against a liquor cabinet with a thunderous crash.

The bottles of alcohol behind him fell to the floor, shattering into pieces.

Following that, Chen Shi Jie, who was buried by the shards of glass, vomited a mouthful of blood and fainted right away. He laid on the floor unmoving and nobody knew whether he was dead or alive.

This scene happened within a few short seconds.

In the boisterous bar, it was as if someone switched the off button; the crowd was in total silence.

Everybody stared at the woman lying on the floor and instinctively took a step back like they were looking at a freak.

What... what's going on...

What just happened...

Under the horrific gazes of everyone in the room, Ye Wanwan moved her slender and fair wrist lazily while still looking elegant and content. Then she stood up slowly...

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