Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 508: Force alcohol down her throat

Chapter 508: Force alcohol down her throat

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Initially, Ye Wanwan could put up a front, but soon after, she ended up in a disadvantageous position.

Chen Shi Jie and his group of lackeys just stood there watching and giggling as she resisted.

After some time, Chen Shi Jie lost his patience and his eyes gradually turned malicious. "Hehe, she has quite a temper, huh? Don't want to leave with young master (me), right? Fine! I... will just deal with you here!"

Chen Shi Jie was fearless when he started playing - he had done things like this in public several times before and even held a party performing sickening acts on women in front of everyone. He would really do it and found great pleasure in it.

His lackeys started howling like wolves once again after he said that.

Most of the people in the pub were also watching the commotion and started howling along as if the issue wasn't serious enough. In the crowd, there were countless pairs of lecherous eyes and drunk and lustful faces filled with desire, eagerly awaiting this visual feast.

Occasionally, there were some who couldn't stand it, but they didn't dare to say anything. Each person hid far away.

Chen Shi Jie's group of thugs were all highly paid experts; who would dare to stir up trouble with them?

Chen Shi Jie held his glass elegantly and got the lackey next to him to top up his glass as he sneered, "Grab hold of her!"

Suddenly, the remaining guards around her pounced over like wolves and tigers...

Jiang Yan Ran, who was drunk and unconscious, was thrown aside by two huge bodyguards while the rest grabbed hold of Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan couldn't move an inch. She glared at them, her eyes increasingly glacial.

The dreadful iciness in her eyes inexplicably made Chen Shi Jie shiver, but he was quickly overcome by his lustful desires as he leaned over to her with an evil smile and ordered his lackey, "Force alcohol down her throat! I've seen many women like her who look innocent on the surface! Her true nature will be revealed after a few drinks! Lustier than anybody!"

"Yes!" The blondie immediately ran over, took a bottle of whiskey and started to force the alcohol down her throat.

*cough cough...* Ye Wanwan felt as if her throat was on fire as the hard liquor was forced into her mouth.

"Hahahaha... drink more..."

Chen Shi Jie kept making Ye Wanwan drink non-stop and very soon, the bottom of the bottle could be seen.

Chen Shi Jie admired her for a long while. Finally with a "crash," Chen Shi Jie flung aside the glass in his hand and he walked towards the girl slowly, ready to have a taste of this feast...

Song Jing couldn't take it anymore after seeing this scene. "Captain, are we really not going to do anything?"

As expected, Liu Ying remained still without any intention of doing anything.

Obviously, he wouldn't really let anything happen.

But this woman had to be taught a lesson today.

When Song Jing saw her up against so many people yet Liu Ying still didn't give the order to do anything, he panicked even more.

This can't go on...

No matter what, Ye Wanwan is still master's woman and we received orders to protect her - how can we ignore our duty?

If things get really out of hand, I would have to go ahead and intervene by myself...

After an entire bottle of hard liquor, Ye Wanwan felt like her entire being was in a furnace and her whole body started burning; even her soul felt as if it was on fire, gradually turning into ashes...

The deafening music around her, crazy waves of laughter of the crowd and Chen Shi Jie's lustful face got closer...

The world was spinning around her...

Ye Wanwan's head felt like it was about to explode. Her body went limp as she laid on the floor and curled up due to the agonizing pain...

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