Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 507: Grab her

Chapter 507: Grab her

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Song Jing was helpless.

Although that was what he thought, Ye Wanwan was still a defenseless, weak girl which was why she brought them along. They couldn't possibly expect her to put on a pair of wings and fly out in a situation like this, right?

Just as Liu Ying and Song Jing observed from the sidelines, Ye Wanwan was surrounded by a group of people.

Others at the bar were used to this situation already and none of them dared to intervene. Instead, they all hid far away.

This was Chen Shi Jie's territory. Obviously, nobody dared to do anything.

The blonde spat out arrogantly, "Babe, don't make things difficult for yourself. Follow us obediently and have some fun with our young master Chen for a couple days! Otherwise..."

"Ah-Gui, don't be so rough with a beauty!" Chen Shi Jie stared at Ye Wanwan without blinking at all, totally entranced by her.

When his eyes swept past Jiang Yan Ran who was next to Ye Wanwan, he brightened up instantly. He didn't think much of her before as they were too far away, but now that he was closer, this girl in red was quite attractive too.

If I can get them both... hehe...

Today's my lucky day...

Chen Shi Jie held a glass of whiskey in his hand as he leaned closer clumsily. "This beauty isn't bad either. Why don't both of you accompany me, huh? I love threesomes..."

All the lackeys around them burst out in laughter when they heard that.


"Young master Chen's going to have so much fun tonight!"

"Why aren't you thanking young master Chen?! Tonight, both of you sisters have a chance to get on young master Chen's bed!"

Hearing those people's filthy and crude remarks, Ye Wanwan's eyes turned ice-cold and she took a step back, protecting Jiang Yan Ran.

She glanced behind her as she didn't want to get in trouble with these people.

Liu Ying and Song Jing were nearby.

In the end, when she turned her head to look for them, she met Liu Ying's mocking gaze and Song Jing avoided her gaze on purpose after already having seen her. He looked down, not daring to say a word.

The two of them clearly knew her situation, yet they remained in place without any intention of helping.

She didn't have to guess to know that Liu Ying was doing this deliberately.

When Ye Wanwan saw this, a tinge of coldness appeared on her lips. Tsk, I really underestimated Qin Ruo Xi's ability to capture people's hearts.

"Didn't you hear what young master Chen said? Bring these two this way! Young master Chen would like to enjoy himself tonight! Make it quick!"


After they heard the blondie's orders, two big men immediately stepped forward at the same time and grabbed Ye Wanwan and Jiang Yan Ran with their big, strong hands.

After that, Chen Shi Jie slowly strolled to Ye Wanwan...

Ye Wanwan glared at Chen Shi Jie as he got closer to her. She kicked him in the stomach and elbowed him to release Jiang Yan Ran from his grip.

Chen Shi Jie didn't see this coming at all; he hadn't expected Ye Wanwan actually knew a move or two. He rubbed his stomach and his tipsy eyes were overcast. "Wow, that's hot! Not bad! I like that..."

Seeing as Ye Wanwan wasn't easy to deal with - she even hit Chen Shi Jie - two others appeared in an instant.

Ye Wanwan had to protect Jiang Yan Ran and deal with four men at the same time, and she started to feel a little overwhelmed.

Although she had quick reaction times for various types of martial arts, she hated learning how to fight and kill; when her father hired a professional to coach her, she slacked off whenever she could.

Dealing with ordinary people was fine, but these were obviously highly trained bodyguards equipped with proper skills. Each one of them could take down ten men at once, not to mention a woman like her.

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