Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 506: Not fully qualified

Chapter 506: Not fully qualified

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Ye Wanwan carefully helped Jiang Yan Ran up and pushed through the crowd, trying to make their way out.

She was very certain she had seen that girl somewhere before, but she just couldn't recall at this moment. I'll think about it when I get back...

Ye Wanwan supported Jiang Yan Ran while in deep thought and when she passed the bar counter, she was suddenly blocked by a few people.

Ye Wanwan didn't pay them any mind and turned in another direction.

However, the moment she turned, the other side was blocked as well.

This repeated a couple of times and Ye Wanwan naturally realized that something was wrong. Are they doing this on purpose?

Ye Wanwan lifted her head and looked at the people blocking her way.

Standing in front was a smartly-dressed guy in custom-made Armani from head to toe. He looked shameless - his tipsy eyes were murky and listless, and he was looking at her with the gaze of a hunter.

Behind him were a few stocky men in black. Judging from their build and disposition, they didn't look like ordinary bodyguards but bodyguards of wealthy families who had undergone stringent training.

"Tsk tsk, beautiful... truly beautiful..."

The prince was enchanted. His stare was like a revolting serpent, sticking its tongue out and licking a person's skin, making Ye Wanwan feel disgusted.

The man next to the prince looked vile; his mouth stuck out and he had an ape's chin. He was dressed in a black muscle tank and had blonde hair. He rubbed his hands gleefully when he told the prince, "Told you! Young master, how could I possibly lie to you, huh?"

\After the blonde spoke, he looked at Ye Wanwan like a hungry wolf. "Beauty, our young master Chen wants to buy you a drink! This way, please!"

Ye Wanwan scanned these people expressionlessly. "Sorry, I'm not interested."

Seeing that she actually dared to reject them, the blonde was taken aback. "Do you know who my young master is?"

This was his young master's turf; people who came here never rejected young master Chen unless they were blind and didn't know who he was.

Ye Wanwan's face was still expressionless. "Am I supposed to know?"

Ye Wanwan's indifferent tone immediately angered the blondie. "My young master is the son of the owner of Xin Da International, the boss of this Scarlet Bar!"


"So don't embarrass yourself here!"


Not far off, Song Jing noticed something was wrong and he hurriedly said, "Captain, someone's making trouble for Miss Ye!"

"Attracting bees and butterflies!" Liu Ying sneered.

*cough* "Captain, we better head over quickly - otherwise, things might get out of hand..." Song Jing was anxious.

Liu Ying's eyes shifted slightly and he gave Song Jing side-eye. "Why're you panicking? That woman's so capable as the future mistress of the Si household. Do you have to be so anxious about such a small issue?"

Song Jing rubbed his nose, slightly uneasy. He felt like he was in a difficult position. "But... she's still a girl... and the one making trouble is that good-for-nothing from the Chen family, Chen Shi Jie. He always uses his father's power to tyrannize others; he's a well-known terror who's played so many women... getting involved with a person like him, I'm afraid Ye Wanwan... will be at a loss..."

Liu Ying's eyes were frosty. "So you know that too? Let me tell you, without master or the Si family, this woman is nothing. She can be a lover, but she's not qualified to be the mistress of the household."

Seeing Liu Ying's dark expression, Song Jing kept quiet and didn't dare to talk back.

From a certain perspective, the captain was right - a woman like Ye Wanwan was really... not fully qualified to be the mistress of the household...

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